2021 British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) Call for Papers

2021 British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC)
Virtual Conference: 22-25 Nov 2021
Contact: bmvc2021_pcs@googlegroups.com

Below is a reminder about the upcoming BMVC
2021 paper submission deadlines, and the important changes to the
review system this year.

For more information please consult the BMVC 2021 website -

***Timeline (all deadlines 23:59 GMT)***

Paper Abstracts: Friday 18 Jun 2021
Paper Submission: Friday 25 Jun 2021
Supplemental Material Submission: Friday 2 Jul 2021
Start of Rebuttal & Revision Period: Friday 20 Aug 2021
End of Rebuttal & Revision Period: Friday 3 Sep 2021
Author Notifications: Friday 15 Oct 2021
Camera Ready Submission: Friday 22 Oct 2021
Virtual Conference: 22-25 Nov 2021

***Important changes for BMVC 2021***

There will be a two-stage review system, with an upgraded
journal-style rebuttal and revision phase in-between.

- Stage One: Each paper will be reviewed by at least three reviewers.
The primary AC will also provide a meta review, summarising the points
that need to be addressed during the revision phase. All these
comments are released to the authors at the start of the revision
- Rebuttal+Revision Phase: The authors will have an extended 2-weeks
period to produce a rebuttal (single page of A4), and a revised paper
(with one additional page) that implements all the required changes to
the paper, including new experimental results, where appropriate,
asked in the review comments.
- Stage Two: The same reviewers will conduct a second-round review,
based on the rebuttal and the revised paper, and provide a final
recommendation to the ACs after discussing the paper amongst
- AC Recommendation: Each paper will be handled by two ACs, a primary
and a secondary, who will facilitate paper discussion and jointly make
the final recommendations.

A "Brave new ideas" subject area has been introduced and should be
selected as one of the two primary subject areas. Papers submitted
under this subject area are expected to move away from incremental
benchmark gains. Proposed ideas should be radically different from the
current strand of research or propose a novel problem.

***Call for Papers***

The British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) is one of the major
international conferences on computer vision and related areas. It is
organised by the British Machine Vision Association (BMVA). The 32nd
BMVC will now be a virtual event held online from 22nd—25th November
2021. Authors are invited to submit full-length high-quality papers in
image processing, computer vision, machine learning and related areas
for BMVC 2021. Submitted papers will be refereed on their originality,
presentation, empirical results, and quality of evaluation. Accepted
papers will be included in the conference proceedings published and
DOI-indexed by BMVA. Past proceedings can be found online
(https://britishmachinevisionassociation.github.io/bmvc). Prospective
authors can see the 2020 edition
(https://www.bmvc2020-conference.com/conference/papers/) as an

Selected best papers will be invited to a special issue of the
International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV).

Please note that BMVC is a single-track meeting with oral and poster
presentations and will include four keynote presentations. Submission
instructions is available on the BMVC 2021 website

Topics include, but are not limited to:

- 3D computer vision
- 3D object recognition
- Action and behaviour recognition
- Adversarial learning, adversarial attack and defence methods
- Biometrics, face, gesture, body pose
- Computational photography
- Datasets and evaluation
- Efficient training and inference methods for networks
- Explainable AI, fairness, accountability, privacy, transparency and
ethics in vision
- Image and video retrieval
- Image and video synthesis
- Image classification
- Low-level and physics-based vision
- Machine learning architectures and formulations
- Medical, biological and cell microscopy
- Motion and tracking
- Optimisation and learning methods
- Pose estimation
- Representation learning
- Scene analysis and understanding
- Transfer, low-shot, semi- and un- supervised learning
- Video analysis and understanding
- Vision + language, vision + other modalities
- Vision applications and systems, vision for robotics and autonomous vehicles
- “Brave new ideas” (see "Important Changes")

Please Note: Due to the anticipated volume of papers for BMVC 2021
(based on recent year's experience) there will be NO extension granted
to the submission deadline. In keeping with conferences in the field
(e.g. NeurIPS, CVPR) and to cope with the increasing number of
submissions, we ask that all authors be prepared to review papers and
make use of a compulsory abstract submission deadline a week before
the paper submission deadline. The CMT submission site will ask
authors to acknowledge this commitment and failure to engage with the
reviewing process might be grounds for rejection.

Any queries to the Programme Chairs should be sent to

The BMVC 2021 Programme Chairs:

Tu Bui (University of Surrey)
Stuart James (Italian Institute of Technology)
Laura Sevilla (University of Edinburgh)
Stefan Leutenegger (TU Munich)
Karteek Alahari (Inria)
Yi-Zhe Song (University of Surrey)