Call for Papers

FG 2021 also has two challenges associated with it:

Recognizing Families In the Wild (RFIW)

It is with pleasure we announce the fifth and final large-scale
kinship recognition data competition, Recognizing Families In the Wild
(RFIW), in conjunction with the 2021 FG. RFIW has been made possible
by releasing the largest and most comprehensive image database for
automatic kinship recognition, Families in the Wild (FIW).

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Contextual Emotion Recognition Challenge

As society is moving rapidly towards more and more technological
advancements with an exponential speed, there has been a conscious
effort to learn the more ‘human factors’ involved in these
innovations. Multiple works have been emerging on these lines,
combining the fields of human cognition and technology
together. Emotions are intrinsic to every human being and whether
consciously or subconsciously, there is one or the other emotion
behind every decision made by humans. In order to assess those
processes involving emotions, any technological product being built
needs to be backed by a thorough understanding of the same in order to
be interactive and suit the needs of humans. Hence, there is a need to
build systems that are able to recognise emotions from humans
holistically, of which context is an inevitable aspect.

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