International Workshop on Face and Gesture Analysis for COVID-19 Call for Papers


International Workshop on Face and Gesture Analysis for COVID-19

Held in conjunction with FG 2021 (

Paper submission deadline (round 1): July 11th, 2021
Paper submission deadline (round 2): September 28th, 2021

Hazim Kemal Ekenel, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Fevziye Irem Eyiokur, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Muhammad Imran, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar
Alperen Kantarci, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Ferda Ofli, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar
Vitomir Štruc, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Alexander Waibel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

European Association for Biometrics (EAB)

Since the end of 2019, the whole world has been living with the
effects of the COVID-19 disease. Due to the airborne nature of the
novel coronavirus, the COVID-19 disease has spread rapidly in many
countries in a short time and has also been declared a global
pandemic. Several preventive measures were implemented to reduce the
spread of this disease, including social distancing, wearing face
masks, avoiding large crowds, and others.

To help monitor public behavior and compliance with the implemented
prevention measures, to gather reliable data for epidemiological
models, facilitate authorized access and authentication, ensure safety
and security despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to develop
automated machine learning and computer vision based techniques that
can help with these tasks. The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated
research and development of computer-aided systems that can be used to
prevent and monitor not only COVID-19 but also similar diseases that
may appear in the future.

The goal of this workshop is to present the most recent and advanced
work related to face and gesture analysis in the scope of COVID-19. We
are interested in all COVID-19 related studies that focus on the
detection of face mask, subjects' behaviors in public areas, analysis
of pandemic and preventions-related real-world face and gesture data,
prevention control and monitoring systems for unconstrained real-world
conditions and related problems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

 + Face mask detection,
 + Masked face detection and recognition,
 + Face-hand interaction detection,
 + COVID-19 monitoring and control systems related to face and gesture analysis,
 + Social distance tracking and control systems,
 + Dataset bias analysis on COVID-19 datasets (face mask, face-hand,
 social distance,...),
 + Face, gesture and body analysis for monitoring intervention-measure compliance,
 + Behavior understanding relevant for COVID-19,
 + Analysis of social interactions relevant to COVID-19,
 + Soft-biometric analysis on masked faces (age, gender, ...),
 + Generative models relevant in the scope of COVID-19,
 + Novel datasets and performance benchmarks,
 + Related applications.


Accepted papers will be published in the "Proceedings of FG 2021" and
included in IEEE Xplore.

Selected papers from the first submission round will be invited to
submit extended versions of their work to a special issue organized in
the Image and Vision Computing journal.

Naser Damer, Fraunhofer IGD, Germany
Albert Ali Salah, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Please feel free to reach out for further details.

Hazim Kemal Ekenel, Fevziye Irem Eyiokur, Muhammad Imran, Alperen
Kantarci, Ferda Ofli, Vitomir Štruc, Alexander Waibel
FG4COVID19 2021 Organizers