International Conference on Computer Vision Call for Participation

ICCV2021 begins in 2 weeks! (October 11-17, 2021)
The International Conference on Computer
Vision is the elite international conference in the computer vision
community. This year, the conference will be entirely virtual.

Registration is inexpensive, and there is still time to register if
you haven't already. As there is no travel involved, it is
relatively cheap for students to attend.

Registration site:

1614 Full Papers (as compared to 1077 at ICCV2019 and 621 at ICCV2017)

   - In addition to the texts, each paper will have an associated
     video presentation, set of talk slides, and a short paper

   - Each paper will be part of two live poster presentations, where
     attendees can ask questions of the paper authors

82 Workshops (25 full-day, 57 half-day)

12 Tutorials

Two Live Keynote Lectures:

Three Live Panel Sessions:

   - Old School/New School (Serge Belongie, moderator)
      o Jitendra Malik; Aloysha Efros; Andrew Davison; Lana Lazebnik;
        Aude Oliva

   - Deepfakes (Tal Hassner, moderator)
      o Cristian Canton Ferrer; Hany Farid; Luisia Verdoliva; Sam
        Gregory; Mei Ngan

   - Industry and Computer Vision Research (John Tsotsos, moderator)
      o Rita Cucchiara; Sanja Fidler; David Forsyth; Vladlen Koltun;
        Georgia Gkioxari

Doctoral Consortium, bringing graduate students together with senior

Social events, including:

   Mentorship Sessions

   Lapsed Physicists Wine-and-Cheese
   Facebook AI - Women Create
   Computer Vision for Earth
   Open Mic Music ICCV 2021
   Women in Computer Vision (WiCV) Social
   H-Unique: Novel Biometrics and Forensics
   Undergraduates in Computer Vision

Exhibition 20+ companies will be exhibiting their products and
providing networking and recruiting opportunities