Egocentric Perception Interaction and Computing Call for Papers

EPIC@ICCV2021 - Call for Papers

You are invited to submit papers to the ninth edition of the
International Workshop on Egocentric Perception Interaction and
Computing: Introducing Ego4D - a Massive First-Person Dataset and
Challenge to be held online virtually this October alongside ICCV2021:

Papers will be published and indexed by IEEE and CVF as part of ICCV
2021 Workshop Proceedings (original work only).

Workshop: 17th October, 2021
Full Paper Submission: 26th July, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: 10th August, 2021
Camera Ready Paper Due: 16th August, 2021

Aims and Scope
The EPIC@X series of workshops aims to bring together the various
communities that are relevant to egocentric perception and has been
consistently held alongside major conferences since 2016. Both
research and application works related to Egocentric Perception,
Interaction and Computing are encouraged. In addition to accepted
papers, our 9th addition will feature the announcement of a massive
first-person dataset Ego4D collected by a 12-member consortium of
universities worldwide.

EPIC@ICCV2021 accepts papers submitted for publishing as part of
workshop proceedings. Topics of interest to the workshop include, but
are not limited to:

    Egocentric vision for human action analysis
    Egocentric vision for object/event recognition and retrieval
    Egocentric vision for summarization
    Daily life and activity monitoring
    Egocentric vision for social interaction and human behaviour understanding
    Egocentric vision for anticipating human behaviour, actions and objects
    Egocentric vision for health
    Head-mounted eye tracking and gaze estimation
    Computational visual behaviour analysis
    Attention modelling and next fixation prediction
    Eye-based human-computer interaction
    Human and wearable devices interaction
    Symbiotic human-machine vision systems
    Eyewear devices for egocentric perception and computation
    Eyewear devices for acquisition and visualization
    Interactive AR/VR and Egocentric perception
    Augmented human performance
    Privacy and ethical concerns with wearable sensors and egocentric vision
    Egocentric vision for social good.


Invited Speakers:

  *   Thomas Brox, University of Freiburg, DE
  *   Angela Yao, National University of Singapore, SG
  *   More to be announced!

Submission Details:

Papers can be submitted through our CMT website:

Please find more information here:

EPIC@ICCV2021 Organisers:
  *   Michael Wray, University of Bristol, UK
  *   Antonino Furnari, University of Catania, Italy
  *   Dima Damen, University of Bristol, UK
  *   Giovanni Maria Farinella, University of Catania, Italy
  *   Walter Mayol-Cuevas,  University of Bristol, UK/Amazon US
  *   David Crandall, Indiana University, USA
  *   Kristen Grauman, University of Texas at Austin/Facebook AI Research, US

EPIC@ICCV2021 Guest Organisers:
  *   Bernard Ghanem, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, SA
  *   CV Jawahar, Indian Institute of Technology, IN
  *   Kris Kitani, Carnegie Mellon University, US
  *   Haizhou Li, National University of Singapore, SG
  *   Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley/FAIR, US
  *   Aude Oliva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
  *   Hyun Soo Park, University of Minnesota, US
  *   Jim Rehg, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
  *   Yoichi Sato, University of Tokyo, JP
  *   Jianbo Shi, University of Pennsylvania, US
  *   Mike Zheng Shou, National University of Singapore, SP
  *   Antonio Torralba, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US