The Ninth Visual Object Tracking Challenge and Workshop at ICCV'2021 Call for Papers

The Ninth Visual Object Tracking Challenge and Workshop at ICCV'2021

The VOT challenges provide the tracking community with a precisely
defined and repeatable way of comparing short-term trackers and
long-term trackers as well as a common platform for discussing the
evaluation and advancements made in the field of visual
tracking. Following eight highly successful VOT challenges, the 9th
Visual Object Tracking Challenge VOT2021 and workshop will be held in
conjunction with ICCV 2021.

Challenge is still open until 31st May. We encourage you to submit
your tracker result and participate!

We welcome you also to submit a regular paper to the VOT'21
workshop which will take place at ICCV'21

    Original or improved single object trackers as well as papers that
    give new insights into existing single object trackers and
    analysis of tracker performance.

    Novel ways of using and extending the VOT framework for
    performance analysis of trackers.

You are also welcome to re-submit your eventually rejected ICCV paper
to our workshop. Please, see the conditions for this option on our
workshop webpage.

The timeline of VOT'21

    23th 31st May: Tracker results submission deadline (challenge ends)
    28th June: Winners of sub-challenges identified (but not publicly disclosed)
    30th June: Submission deadline for regular papers to VOT2021
    1st August: Submission deadline for the 
         "high-quality tracking papers not accepted to ICCV2021 due
         to, e.g., insufficient significance, but having a great value
         to VOT community"
    4th August: Notification to authors of the contributed papers
    15th August: Camera ready deadline
    11th or 17th October : VOT2021 workshop in conjunction with the ICCV2021 (winners disclosed) (virtual event)