ICDAR 2021 On-Line Signature Verification Competition (SVC 2021) Call for Papers


ICDAR 2021 On-Line Signature Verification Competition (SVC 2021)


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the ICDAR 2021 On-Line
Signature Verification Competition (SVC 2021) to be organized in
conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Document
Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), 5-10 September 2021, Lausanne



Website: https://sites.google.com/view/SVC2021/home

CodaLab: https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/27295



The goal of the SVC 2021 competition is to evaluate the limits of
on-line signature verification systems using large-scale public
databases and popular scenarios (office/mobile), and the stylus/finger
as writing input. On-line signature verification technology is
evolving fast in the last years due to several factors such as: i) the
evolution in the acquisition technology going from the original Wacom
devices specifically designed to acquire handwriting and signature in
office-like scenarios through a pen stylus to the current touch
screens of mobile scenarios in which signatures can be captured
anywhere using our own personal smartphone through the finger, and ii)
the extended usage of deep learning technology in many different
areas, overcoming traditional handcrafted approaches and even human

Therefore, in this competition the goal is to carry out a benchmark
evaluation of the latest on-line signature verification technology
using large-scale public databases such as DeepSignDB and both
traditional office-like scenarios (pen stylus), but also the
challenging mobile scenarios with signatures performed using the
finger over a touch screen. The SVC 2021 competition will provide a
complete panorama of the state of the art in the on-line signature
verification field under realistic scenarios.




*         Task 1: Analysis of office scenarios using the stylus as input.

*         Task 2: Analysis of mobile scenarios using the finger as input.

*         Task 3: Analysis of both office and mobile scenarios simultaneously.

In addition, both random and skilled forgeries will be considered in each Task.




If enough interest is received from the community (more than 5
different participants beating the baseline algorithms), then the
winner of the SVC 2021 competition will receive a monetary award of
300 EUR (as an Amazon gift card). In addition, a selection of the best
on-line signature verification systems will have the opportunity to
take part as co-authors in a joint paper describing the SVC 2021
competition results.




The platform used in the SVC 2021 competition is CodaLab. Participants
need to register to take part in the competition. Please, follow the

1) Fill up this form including your information.

2) Sing up in CodaLab using the same email introduced in step 1).

3) Join in CodaLab to the ICDAR 2021 On-Line Signature Verification
Competition. Just click in the Participate tab for the

Anonymous participants: participants are allowed to decide at the end
of the competition whether they would like to include their names and
affiliations in the competition report or not. Nevertheless, the
organizers might include the results and some information about the
systems but always completely anonymized.




Tentative dates:

* 15th November 2020: Beginning of the competition. Registration
starts and development data release.

*         8th March 2021: Registration deadline.

*         15th March 2021: Final Evaluation data release (without ground-truth).

*         17th March 2021: End of the competition. Results Submission.

*         24th March 2021: Notification of the results. Ground-truth release.

* 25th March 2021: Selection and notification of the best systems to
take part in a joint paper.



Ruben Tolosana - ruben.tolosana@uam.es

Ruben Vera-Rodriguez - ruben.vera@uam.es

Aythami Morales - aythami.morales@uam.es

Julian Fierrez - julian.fierrez@uam.es
Javier Ortega-Garcia - javier.ortega@uam.es