Video and Image Question Answering (VIQA) Call for Papers

Video and Image Question Answering (VIQA) Workshop at ICPR 2020

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Organized in conjunction with the 25th International Conference on
Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2020), Milan, Italy, January 10-15, 2021


Image Question Answering and Video Question Answering are two tasks
involving the realization of models able to analyze the visual content
of an image or a video, and produce a meaningful answer to visual
content-related questions. These tasks both involve spatial,
frame-level reasoning. Moreover, Video Question Answering also
requires temporal, video-level reasoning which further raises the
difficulty of the task. Solving these tasks would represent the
ability to train models able to jointly analyze and reason on visual
contents and textual contents at a human-level: the obtained models
would be able to learn to isolate and pinpoint objects of interest in
video (or image), and to identify and reason about their interactions
in both the spatial and temporal domains. Image and Video Question
Answering thus represent a challenging, but fundamental task in both
Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing communities.

The first Video and Image Question Answering (VIQA) Workshop will be
held at the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition
(ICPR2020) and will focus on these two fundamental tasks, while
covering several tasks in both Computer Vision and Natural Language
Processing fields. Given the availability of new large scale image and
video datasets, these tasks are getting more and more attention.

The first VIQA workshop wants to gather all the people from academia
and industry interested in the aforementioned topics, this in order to
stimulate the sharing between participants of state-of-the-art
approaches, best practices, and future directions.

A special issue about Video and Image Question Answering is going to
be organized in a top journal.


Topics of interest are mainly related to Visual (Image and Video)
Question Answering including, but not limited to:

    Datasets and evaluation   

    Deep learning methods for vision and language

    Egocentric visual question answering

    Image question answering

    Multimodal question answering

    Representation learning

    Transfer learning for vision and language

    Video analysis and understanding   

    Video question answering

    Video summarization

    Vision and language and/or other modalities   

    Vision applications and systems

    Visual reasoning and logical representation


Submissions must be formatted in accordance with the Springer's
Computer Science Proceedings guidelines
( Two
types of contribution will be considered:

    Full papers (12-15 pages, including references)

    Short papers (6-8 pages, including references)

Accepted manuscripts will be included in the ICPR 2020 Workshop
Proceedings Springer volume. Once accepted, at least one author is
expected to attend the event and orally present the paper.


Submission deadline: October 10th 2020

Author notification: November 10th 2020

Camera-ready submission: November 15th 2020


Best regards from the VIQA Workshop organizers!

Falcon Alex, PhD student at Fondazione Bruno Kessler and University of
Udine (Italy)

Giuseppe Serra, University of Udine (Italy)

Oswald Lanz, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Italy)

Rainer Stiefelhagen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)

Makarand Tapaswi, Inria Paris (France)

For further information, please send an email to Alex Falcon at