IJCV: 3D Computer Vision Call for Papers

Call for Papers: IJCV Special Issue on 3D Computer Vision

3D Computer Vision continues to grow at a dramatic pace thanks to
major recent developments, including the advent of 3D sensors,
rapid advances in deep learning, and the public availability of
large scale 2D image and 3D geometry datasets. Exciting new
applications in robotics, autonomous systems, man/machine
interaction, virtual and augmented reality, and 3D video
and displays have added further momentum to the field.
Many of these applications require the solution of 3D Computer
Vision problems at its core. Therefore, we seek to publish high
quality research publications on 3D Computer Vision.

We encourage researchers to study and develop novel computer
vision methods that advance the state of 3D Computer Vision.

Submission deadline:  February 19, 2021.
For more detail: https://www.springer.com/journal/11263/updates/18491968

Contact: Akihiro Sugimoto