New Approaches to 3D Vision Call for Papers

New Approaches to 3D Vision, 
1st-4th November 2021, hosted by the Royal Society 

This Royal Society online meeting brings together researchers from
computer vision, animal vision, and human vision to explore recent
developments in 3D vision. Speakers reflect both academia and
industry, with representatives from DeepMind, Facebook Reality Labs,
Google, and Microsoft Research.

Date/Time: 1st-4th November 2021, 3-6pm (3-6:30pm on the 4th), UK Time
Please note that the USA/UK time difference is 1hr less than usual


Registration (Free): 

DAY ONE (1st Nov) - Seeing Beyond SLAM
Chair: Andrew Fitzgibbon (Microsoft)

Session One: Neural Scene Representation

SM Ali Eslami (DeepMind): "Neural priors, neural encoders and
Neural renderers"

Ida Momennejad (Microsoft Research): "Multi-scale predictive
representations and human-like RL"

Session Two: Perception-Action Loop

Sergey Levine (UC Berkeley and Google): TBC

Andrew Glennerster (University of Reading): "Understanding 3D
vision as a policy network"

DAY TWO (2nd Nov) - Animals in Action 
Chair: Matteo Carandini (University College London)

Session One: Locating Prey and Rewards

Jenny Read (Newcastle University): "Stupid stereoscopic algorithms
that still work"

Aman Saleem (University College London): "Visual processing in the
brain during navigation"

Session Two: Navigation in 3D Space

Kate Jeffery (University College London): "The cognitive map of 3D
space: not as metric as we thought?"

Gily Ginosar (Weizmann Institute of Science): "Locally ordered
representation of 3D space in the entorhinal cortex"

DAY THREE (3rd Nov) - Experiencing Space
Chair: Mar Gonzalez-Franco (Microsoft Research)

Session One: Theories of Visual Space
Dhanraj Vishwanath (University of St Andrews): "Tripartite encoding
of visual 3D space"

Paul Linton (City, University of London): "New approaches to visual
scale and visual shape"

Session Two: Challenges for Virtual Reality
Sarah Creem-Regehr (University of Utah): "Perception and Action in
Virtual and Augmented Reality"
Douglas Lanman (Facebook Reality Labs): TBC

DAY FOUR (4th Nov) - Grasping the World
Chair: Jody Culham (Western University)

Session One: One Visual Stream or Two?

Fulvio Domini (Brown University): "A novel non-probabilistic model
of 3D cue integration explains both perception and action"

Irene Sperandio (University of Trento): "Dissociations between
perception and action in size-distance scaling"

Session Two: 3D Space and Visual Impairment

Ione Fine (University of Washington): "Do you hear what I see? How
do early blind individuals experience object motion?"

Ewa Niechwiej-Szwedo (University of Waterloo): "The role of
binocular vision in the development of visuomotor control and
performance of fine motor skills"

Session Three: Panel Discussion

Andrew Fitzgibbon (Microsoft), Matteo Carandini (University College
London), Mar Gonzalez-Franco (Microsoft Research), and Jody Culham
(Western University), share their thoughts on future directions for 3D

Organisers: Michael Morgan FRS (City, University of London), Paul
Linton (City, University of London), Jenny Read (Newcastle
University), Dhanraj Vishwanath (University of St Andrews), Sarah
Creem-Regehr (University of Utah), Fulvio Domini (Brown University)