Special issue: Computational Spectral Imaging Call for Papers

Special issue: Computational Spectral Imaging
Guest Editors: Dr. Mauro Dalla Mura, Dr. Henry Arguello Fuentes, Dr.
Shunsuke Ono

The submission deadline is 31 March 2021. All submissions are
peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be published immediately.

This Special Issue focuses on computational approaches for the
acquisition of spectral images, comprising topics such as:

    Diffractive optics computational imaging
    Codified spectral and depth imaging systems
    Learning-based optimization of optical imaging systems
    Super-resolution for spectral imaging
    Compressed sensing in hyperspectral imaging
    Processing of spectral snapshot acquisition devices
    Multispectral sensing based on color and spectral filter arrays
    Fourier transform interferometric imaging
    Fusion of multimodal sensors (pansharpening and
hyperspectral-multispectral fusion)
    Multi- and hyper-spectral light field cameras
    Computational techniques for the analysis of multispectral and
hyperspectral images
    Conception and design of computational spectral imaging devices
    Unconventional optical imaging systems
    Applications of computational spectral imaging devices in fields
such as remote sensing, biomedical imagery, security, and defense.

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