2nd Workshop on Ethical Considerations in Creative applications of Computer Vision Call for Papers

2nd Workshop on Ethical Considerations in Creative applications of Computer Vision

CVPR 2022 Workshop
June 19, 2022

Creative domains render a big part of modern society, having a strong
influence on the economy and cultural life. Thus, the impact of
dismissing ethical aspects of working in creative computer vision
applications and generative arts could amplify harms, such as enabling
cultural appropriation, amplifying gender stereotypes in fashion, and
limiting fashion to western designs. This workshop aims at creating a
platform for interdisciplinary discussion among computer vision
researchers, sociotechnical researchers, policy makers, social
scientists and artists. In this workshop, we would like to encourage
retrospective discussions, position papers on studying social impacts
of research in creative applications of computer vision, ethical
considerations in this domain including but not limited to artwork
attributions, cultural appropriation and policies in creative AI. We
also encourage technical contributions in computer vision for fashion,
and creative content generation.

Call for Submissions

We solicit short papers on developing and applying computer vision
techniques that are valuable in the creative domains, with an emphasis
on fashion, art and design. Accepted short papers will be linked
online at the workshop webpage. The page limit is between two and
eight pages (including references). We encourage submission of work
that has been previously published, and work in progress on relevant
topics of the workshop. Accepted papers will be presented at the
poster session. Manuscripts should follow the CVPR 2022 template and
should be submitted through our CMT portal.

Paper submission Link: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/EC3V2022
See here for topics covered by this workshop:

Important Dates

    Paper submission deadline: April 16 (11:59PM EST)

    Notification to authors: April 30 (11:59PM EST)

We look forward to your participation,
EC3V 2022 Organizers