Drawings and abstract Imagery: Representation and Analysis (DIRA) Workshop Call for Papers

Drawings and abstract Imagery: Representation and Analysis (DIRA) Workshop
Tel Aviv, Israel 2022


In conjunction with ECCV 2022

Illustrations, drawings, technical diagrams, and charts can
communicate difficult concepts very quickly to humans. This type of
visual information is prevalent in technical, scientific, and
scholarly publications; as well as instruction manuals, textbooks, and
infographics in popular media. However, many open challenges in
computer vision for automatically processing this visual data
remain. These abstract images have very different properties from
natural images; for example, informative pixels are sparse, while the
shape and spatial information are more important than color, texture,
and shading which dominate natural images. While deep learning methods
are quite successful in object detection and content-based retrieval
in natural images; it is not clear when these approaches will transfer
successfully to these much sparser abstract drawings.

The DIRA workshop aims to bring together researchers from both
industry and academia who are working in diverse areas of research in
the representation, analysis, and applications of abstract images,
such as illustrations, drawings, technical diagrams, charts, and
plots. The goal of the workshop is to explore and highlight technical
challenges, insights, and solutions that exist in representation,
information extraction, semantic understanding, content-based
retrieval, question-answering, and various other topics pertaining to
the representation and analysis of abstract images, which has
traditionally lagged behind progress in their natural image

The DIRA workshop will also host a data competition focused on
abstract drawing retrieval on the DeepPatent dataset to encourage
increased research and engineering activity in this field.

Invited Speakers

    Niloy Mitra, University of College London
    Yulia Gryaditskaya, University of Surrey
    Anjali Adukia, University of Chicago
    Changjian Li, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis

Topics of Interest

The DIRA workshop is currently soliciting papers describing new work
in the following subject areas, as well as any other subject relevant
to automated understanding of sparse images

    Image Analysis
    Image Segmentation
    Semantic Image Understanding
    Geometric Deep Learning
    Sparse Machine Learning Models
    Information Retrieval for Technical Documents
    Knowledge Graph Construction
    Optical Character Recognition
    Feature Extraction
    Multimodal Machine Learning
    Plagiarism Detection

Additionally, the workshop seeks dataset papers describing new
datasets in the subject areas of:

    Technical Diagrams
    Plots and Charts
    Scientific Reports

Important dates

Paper submission deadline (Full papers): July 1, 2022 
Notification to Authors: August 8, 2022
Camera-ready submission deadline: August 22, 2022


    Diane Oyen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Kushal Kafle, Adobe Research
    Pradyumna Reddy, University College London
    Michal Kucer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Cory B. Scott, Colorado College