Visual Intelligence for Active and Assisted Living Call for Papers


GoodBrother Workshop on Visual Intelligence for Active and Assisted Living (GoodBrother-VI4AAL)

As part of the 21st International Conference on Image Analysis and
Processing (ICIAP) -

24 May 2022, Lecce, Italy

Paper submission deadline: 15 March 2022


It is a matter of fact that Europe is facing more and more crucial
challenges regarding health and social care due to the demographic
change and current economic context. The current COVID-19 pandemic is
stressing out this situation even further, thus highlighting the need
for taking action. Active and Assisted Living (AAL) technologies come
as a viable approach to help facing these challenges, thanks to the
high potential they have in enabling remote care and support. In this
respect, AAL applications based on computer vision, multimedia data
processing and understanding, and machine intelligence present several
advantages in terms of unobtrusiveness and information
richness. Indeed, camera sensors are far less obtrusive with respect
to the hindrance that other wearable sensors may cause to people’s
activities. In addition to that, a single camera can monitor most of
the activities performed in a room, thus replacing many other
non-visual sensors. Currently, video-based applications are effective
in recognising and monitoring activities, movements, and overall
conditions of the assisted individuals as well as to assess their
vital parameters (e.g., heart rate, respiratory rate). Nevertheless,
as the other side of the coin, cameras are often perceived as the most
intrusive technologies from the viewpoint of the privacy of the
monitored individuals. This is due to the richness of the information
that this technology conveys and the intimate setting where it may be
deployed in. Therefore, solutions able to ensure privacy preservation
by context and design as well as to ensure high legal and ethical
standards are in high demand. This workshop aims to give forum for
contributions presenting and discussing image- and video-based AAL
applications, projects and research as well as initiatives proposing
ethical and privacy-aware solutions.


This workshop is organised by the GoodBrother COST Action (CA19121) on
Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and
Assisted Living ( The aim of Goodbrother is
to increase the awareness on the ethical, legal, and privacy issues
associated to audio- and video-based monitoring and to propose
privacy-aware working solutions for assisted living, by creating an
interdisciplinary community of researchers and industrial partners
from different fields (computing, engineering, healthcare, law,
sociology) and other stakeholders (users, policy makers, public
services), stimulating new research and innovation. Goodbrother will
offset the "Big Brother" sense of continuous monitoring by
increasing user acceptance, exploiting these new solutions, and
improving market reach.


The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, unobtrusive
and user-friendly image- and video-based AAL solutions for:

    Lifelogging and self-monitoring
    Remote monitoring of vital signs
    Emotional state recognition
    Food intake monitoring
    Human activity and behaviour recognition
    Personal and daily-life assistance
    Gesture recognition
    Fall detection and prevention
    Mobility assessment and frailty recognition
    Cognitive and motor rehabilitation


Accepted papers will be included in the ICIAP 2021 proceedings, which
will be published by Springer as Lecture Notes in Computer Science
(LNCS) series.
Paper submission timetable:

    15 March 2022 - Paper submission deadline
    7 April 2022 - Notification of acceptance
    21 April 2022 - Submission of camera-ready papers
    24 May 2022  Workshop date


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