Face Recognition Under Drone Surveillance Concerning Turbulence Call for Papers

Hope you will be able to submit some of your work to the FaceDrone
2022 Workshop. Please see below the details of the workshop. 

Face Recognition Under Drone Surveillance Concerning Turbulence
(FaceDrone 2022 Workshop) at ICPR2022
Workshop paper submission deadline: June 06, 2022

Face recognition (FR) in drone-shot videos has applicability in
scenarios such as identifying individuals stuck at remote locations or
in crowded places monitored via a drone. Recently, IARPA’s
Biometric Recognition and Identification at Altitude and Range (BRIAR)
program also emphasizes the challenging problem of identifying
individuals from long-range at elevated platforms. In the large crowd
gathering in the festivals or the gaming events, identification of any
possible suspects involving any avoidable mishappenings highly depends
on the facial information. Capturing the facial information in these
scenarios highly depend on the drone acquisition systems. However,
drone-acquired images generally suffer from poor quality. One probable
reason for that is the effect of environmental factors such as

The FaceDrone 2022 workshop is intended to disseminate recent
development to tackle the challenges in drone face
recognition. Henceforth, authors are invited to submit original,
previously unpublished work, reporting on a novel and significant
research contributions, ongoing research projects, experimental
results, and recent developments related to AI and PR for improving
the face recognition performance on the following topics of interest
(but not limited to):

- Face recognition including drone faces
- Drone face dataset
- Low-quality face recognition
- Face super-resolution and enhancement
- Analysis of the impact of environmental factors on FR