8th Visual observation and analysis of Vertebrate And Insect Behavior workshop (VAIB22) Call for Papers

Call for Papers
8th Visual observation and analysis of Vertebrate And Insect Behavior workshop (VAIB22)


A 1 day workshop to be held August 21, 2022 at the 
2022 International Conference on Pattern Recognition
Montreal, Canada : https://www.icpr2022.com/

There has been an enormous amount of research on analysis of video
data of humans, but relatively little on visual analysis of other
organisms. The goal of this 8th VAIB workshop is to stimulate and
bring together the current research in this area, and provide a forum
for researchers to share expertise. As we want to make this more of a
discussion workshop, we encourage work-in-progress presentations.
Reviewing will be lightweight and only 4 page extended abstracts will
be circulated to attendees. The abstracts will not be included in the
official ICPR proceedings, but will be accessible from the VAIB22 web
page (as with previous VAIB workshops).  Authors will retain the
copyright for their abstracts.

The issues that the research will address include (but not limited to):

         detection of living organisms
         organism tracking and movement analysis
         dynamic shape analysis
         classification of different organisms (eg. by subspecies)
         assessment of organism behavior or behavior changes
         size and shape assessment
         health monitoring
         specialized monitoring techniques

These problems can be applied to a variety of species at different sizes, 
such as fruit and house flies, crickets, cockroaches and other insects, 
mice and rats, commercial farm animals such as poultry, cows and horses,
and wildlife monitoring, etc. One aspect that they all have in common is
video data.

More information can be found
at: http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/rbf/vaib22.html

         Submission: email a 4 page extended abstract in PDF to rbf@inf.ed.ac.uk 
                by May 16, 2022 (prefer using ICPR style)
         Acceptance: July 1
         Revised extended abstracts: July 15
         Workshop: August 21, 2022

Workshop Organizers:
         R. Fisher       University of Edinburgh (Chair, contact: rbf@inf.ed.ac.uk)
         S. Palazzo      Universita' di Catania
         C. Spampinato   Universita' di Catania

Program Committee

J. Atanbori         Hull University
J. R. Baron	    Clemson University
T. Beatus	    Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M. Betke	    Boston University
B. Boom             Imec OnePlanet
A. Branzan Albu     University of Victoria
T. Burghardt        University of Bristol
T. Devis	    École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
A. Gabdulkhakova    Vienna University of Technology
L. N. Govindarajan  Brown University
A. Hoogs            Kitware
X. Jiang            Universiteit Muenster
M. Kampel           Technical University of Vienna
W. Kropatsch        Vienna Technical University
R. Megret           University of Puerto Rico
M. Mirmehdi         University of Bristol
M. Nilsson          Lund Tekniska Hogskola
R. Poppe            Universiteit Utrecht
E. Psota            University of Nebraska-Lincoln
S. Ravela           Massachusetts Inst of Technology
C.-C. Reyes-Aldasoro  City (London) University
B. Risse            Universitat Muenster
R. Sillito          Actual Analytics
Y. Xiao             University of West England