Journal of Imaging: Photometric Stereo Call for Papers

Journal of Imaging (CiteScore 3.1)
ISSN 2313-433X

Special Issue "Photometric Stereo"

Deadline: 1 March 2022

Photometric stereo is a well-known technique which estimates the
normal surface of objects. Recent trends in 3D printers have widened
the range of uses of commercial sensors that measure the 3D
coordinates of object surfaces; however, commercial sensors which can
measure the normal surface of an object using a photometric stereo are
still rare. Photometric stereo is still a hot topic in this field, and
various research papers are published on it each year. Recent
techniques such as deep learning have also affected the progress of
photometric stereo research. This Special Issue aims to collect a wide
variety of photometric stereo works and helps the progress of this

Topics include, but are not limited to:
    photometric stereo and its applications
    shape-from-shading and related techniques
    photometric stereo using CNN
    uncalibrated photometric stereo
    example-based photometric stereo
    color photometric stereo
    photometric stereo under natural illumination
    photometric stereo of uncommon lights such as multispectral light,
      infrared light, or fluorescent light
    photometric stereo in hazy weather or underwater
    photometric stereo for metals and arbitrary BRDFs
    photometric linearization and sparse regression
    photometric stereo with multiple cameras
    sensor fusion using shading information and other sensors
    photometric stereo for various fields such as computer graphics,
      medical science, or the industrial field


Guest Editor
Daisuke Miyazaki, Hiroshima City University, Japan