Special Issue Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV): New Solutions and Applications for Real-Life Tasks Call for Papers


Special Issue Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV): 
New Solutions and Applications for Real-Life Tasks *

Journal: Remote Sensing (MDPI), IF 4.509

Guest Editors: Claudio Piciarelli, Danilo Avola, Alessio Mecca, Marco Cascio

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Deadline: accepted papers will be published continuously (as soon as
accepted) till the deadline (31 December 2022)



The recent widespread use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as well
as their reduced costs allow their application in real-life remote
sensing scenarios. For this reason, several of the tasks that are
usually performed by humans could now benefit from an UAV-based
approach, e.g., to operate in hazardous environments, automatize
tedious tasks, or even just improve system performance. Moreover, UAVs
can equip different kinds of cameras, such as RGB, depth RGB, and/or
infrared, which can be useful for different application
contexts. Different from traditional techniques, which often require
monitoring different locations, there is no need to duplicate the
acquisition devices, drastically reducing costs and allowing a
better-quality camera of the same price. In addition, in some specific
fields, the use of UAVs can have a high impact. For example, in
environmental anomaly detection, old techniques were based on
satellite acquisitions. However, the high distance of the acquisition
source could hinder the detection of small objects. In surveillance,
the use of UAVs can help to cover large areas with less effort with
respect to the normal cameras that can only cover fixed
locations. Examples of other possible applications are environmental
data acquisition, smart agriculture, surveillance, monitoring of
dangerous areas, search-and-rescue operations, anomaly detection, etc.


This Special Issue is looking for new solutions for tasks that can be
eased by using UAVs, novel deep network architectures that are
especially focused on UAV-captured videos, and possible new tasks on
which the use of UAVs can be beneficial.

For this Special Issue, we welcome the most recent advancements that
are related but not limited to:

* Anomaly detection using UAV videos;

* Persons recognition using UAV videos or images;

* Person re-identification using UAV videos or images;

* Surveillance strategies using UAV videos;

* New techniques for map reconstruction using UAV videos or images;

* Novel strategies for combining simultaneous videos from more than
one UAV;

* Novel adaptive strategies to automatize UAV exploration according to
an unknown environment;

* Solutions for novel tasks exploiting UAV videos and images.

Dr. Claudio Piciarelli
Dr. Danilo Avola
Dr. Alessio Mecca
Dr. Marco Cascio

Guest Editors