Vision Understanding and Machine Intelligence

Do you want a great opportunity to get on the cutting edge of Computer
Vision and Machine Learning fields? Check on VISUM 2022.

The 10th edition of the Vision Understanding and Machine Intelligence
(VISUM) Summer School will take place between 10 and 16 July 2022, at
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Porto, Portugal.

World-renowned experts in the field will deliver the courses, with
both theoretical & practical sessions, covering the topics of:

    Self-Supervised Learning | by Yuki Asano, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning | by Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
    Interpretability/Explainable AI | by Henning Müller, HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Switzerland
    Deep Generative Models | (TBA)

Aside from the theoretical relevance of the keynote sessions, the
school also aims to provide a stimulating opportunity for students to
put what they have learned into practice.
This year, you can choose:

    to participate in an awarded competition organised by VISUM and
    Loggi; or to select one of our mentors to help you solve a small
    research problem (please be aware that mentorship slots are

Application deadline
Applications are available at until March 31, 2022. Don't miss it!

Intended audience:

    MSc and PhD students
    Researchers and Post-doctoral scholars
    Industry professionals with (research) interests in CV and ML
    … and anyone who wants to discover avant-garde topics!

Workshops to get started and to go beyond:

    CV & ML basics | by VISUM team
    AI Design Thinking | by Kelwin Fernandes from NILG.AI
    Storytelling | by Norberto Amaral from Cultiv

Industry day panel:

    Farfetch, PT/UK
    ILoF, PT
    Adapttech, PT
    Fraunhofer AICOS, PT
    Equideum Health, USA
    ASML, NL

Social Program:
Porto is an eclectic city. Benefiting from low-cost flights, thousands
of tourists visit it every year. You will have the opportunity to see
why so many people are attracted to the city.  Well known for its
cellars, the resting place of the famous wine, Porto has much to
offer. On Sunday, July 10, we will visit the city and see some of its
coolest sites.

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We are waiting for you!