Dealing with Novelty in the Open World Call for Papers

Call for Papers: DNOW@WACV 22
Dealing with Novelty in the Open World @ WACV'21

Computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence
algorithms are often developed inside a closed-world paradigm, for
example, recognizing objects from a fixed set of categories. However,
the "world" is open and constantly and dynamically changes. As a
result, when the "world" changes, these algorithms are unable to
detect the change and then continue to perform their tasks with
incorrect and sometimes misleading predictions. In this workshop, we
aim to facilitate research directions that aim to operate well in the
open world while maintaining performance in the “closed”
world. Many real-world applications considered at WACV must deal with
changing worlds where a variety of novelty is introduced (e.g., new
classes of objects)

 We are calling for paper submissions to the “Dealing With Novelty
 in Open World''(DNOW) workshop which will happen at WACV’22. We
 are excited to see you participate in this workshop and hope that we,
 together, as a community, hold meaningful conversations and exchange
 ideas on this extremely relevant space in computer vision. We hope
 that the discussions we hold will be of interest to multiple
 stakeholders in this domain.

Paper Tracks

We are providing 2 tracks for paper submission. Submissions under each
track will be reviewed by an expert panel.

    Track 1: Full Paper

In this track, authors are expected to submit works that meet the criterion of submission at a Computer Vision conference, specifically at WACV.

    Track 2: Short Unpublished Paper

In this track, authors can submit a paper where they have substantial
ideas/results but the work is not up to the expectations that a full
paper has.

Submission Instructions

Authors are required to use the same author kit as provided by WACV,
2022. All submissions will be handled through CMT

Important Dates:

    Paper Submission Deadline: Oct 11, 2021

    Acceptance Notification: Nov 5, 2021

    Camera Ready Submission: Nov 19, 2021