Cross-modal multimedia analysis and retrieval for well-being insights Call for Papers

----- CBMI 2023 - Special Session on Cross-modal multimedia analysis 
and retrieval for well-being insights ----

Special Session on Cross-modal multimedia analysis and retrieval for
well-being insights

Getting insights into wellbeing has attracted people's attention for
decades by understanding human mental and physical health, social
relations, and connections via direct and indirect perspectives. The
direct perspective observes self-data from wearable sensors, medical
profiles, lifelog cameras, and personal social networks that reflect
people's health, activities, and behaviors. The indirect perspective
captures social-data through surrounding sensors, social network
interaction, and third-party data to understand how people interact with
their surrounding environment and society. By utilizing these
perspectives, governments, industries, and citizens can gather
intelligence, plan, control, retrieve, and make decisions in wellbeing
and its impact areas efficiently and effectively. Numerous studies have
been done on each perspective, but few have focused on analyzing and
retrieving cross-data from different perspectives for better human
benefit. In this context, it is more than evident that developing cross-
data multimedia analysis and retrieval is a critical issue in wellbeing

This special session aims to bring together researchers and
practitioners from various research fields in social, life, and natural
sciences, to discuss the latest developments and challenges in cross-
data multimedia analysis and retrieval in wellbeing insights, including
food computing, social activity recommendation, anti-infertility,
personal training, stress reduction, mental/physical health improvement,
and wellbeing research, to name a few.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Interpretation of multimedia for wellbeing
- Psychological Stress and Social Media Use
- Health synthetic data generation
- The effect of media use on wellbeing
- Lifestyle Recommendations Based on Diverse Observations
- Multimodal personal health lifelog data analysis
- Multimodal lifelog data analysis and retrieval
- Food in the Media and Health-Conscious Consumer
- Training Performance Indications Based on Activity Lifelogs
- The effects of air pollution on human health
- Safety driving improvement using multimedia and sensory data

- Minh-Son Dao, National Institute of Information and Communications
Technology, Japan
- Vincent Nguyen, Orléans University, France
- Michael Alexander Riegler, Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital
Engineering, Norway
- Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, Bergen University, Norway
- Cathal Gurrin, Dublin City University, Ireland

Important dates:
- Paper submissions: April 12, 2023
- Notification of acceptance: June 1, 2023
- Camera ready: June 15, 2023
- Early registration: July 1, 2023
- Late Registration: August 15, 2023
- Conference dates: September 20 - 22, 2023

Paper submission:
- Followed CBMI 2023 policy