Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis: CVMI Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis (CVMI 2023)


The 8th IEEE Workshop on Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis
(CVMI) will be held in conjunction with CVPR 2023.


High-throughput microscopy enables researchers to acquire thousands of
images automatically over a matter of hours. This makes it possible to
conduct large-scale, image-based experiments for biological
discovery. The main challenge and bottleneck in such experiments is
the conversion of “big visual data” into interpretable
information and hence discoveries. Visual analysis of large-scale
image data is a daunting task. Cells need to be located and their
phenotype (e.g., shape) described. The behaviors of cell components,
cells, or groups of cells need to be analyzed. The cell lineage needs
to be traced. Not only do computers have more “stamina” than
human annotators for such tasks, they also perform analysis that is
more reproducible and less subjective. The post-acquisition component
of high-throughput microscopy experiments calls for effective and
efficient computer vision techniques.


This workshop intends to draw more visibility and interest to this
challenging yet fruitful field, and establish a platform to foster
in-depth idea exchange and collaboration. Authors are invited to
submit original and innovative papers. We aim for broad scope, topics
of interest include but are not limited to:


    Image acquisition, calibration, enhancement
    Data generation, annotation, augmentation
    Image Classification
    Object detection, segmentation, shape/texture analysis
    Event detection
    Object tracking

    Image stitching and Registration
    Self-/weakly-/semi-supervised learning
    Transfer/few-shot learning

    3D image analysis
    Multi-modal analysis
    Image datasets and benchmarking


Accepted papers will be included in the CVPR proceedings, on IEEE
Xplore, and on CVF website.


Paper Submission Deadline: March 22nd 2023, 11:59:59 Pacific
Time. Link to submission system:

Workshop website: