Workshop on Image Matching: Local Features and Beyond Call for Papers

*CVPR 2023 Workshop on Image Matching: Local Features and Beyond*

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We are happy to announce that the Fifth Workshop on Image Matching:
Local Features and Beyond will be held at CVPR 2023 on June 19, 2023
(morning, Pacific Time) in Vancouver, Canada.

Its goal is to encourage and highlight novel strategies for image
matching that deviate from and advance traditional formulations, with
a focus on large-scale, wide-baseline matching for 3D reconstruction
and pose estimation. This can be achieved by applying new technologies
to sparse feature matching, or doing away with keypoints and
descriptors entirely, such as with dense solutions.

*We will also hold the fifth edition of the Image Matching Challenge*,
co-located with the workshop. Details will be announced in the coming


Workshop topics include (but are not limited to):

- Formulations of keypoint extraction and matching pipelines with deep

- Application of geometric constraints into the training of deep

- Leveraging additional cues such as semantics and mono-depth

- Methods addressing adversarial conditions where current methods fail
(weather changes, day versus night, etc.).

- Attention mechanisms to match salient image regions.

- Integration of differentiable components into 3D reconstruction

- Connecting local descriptors/image matching with global
descriptors/image retrieval.

- Matching across different data modalities such as aerial versus

- Large-scale evaluation of classical and modern methods for image
matching, by means of our open challenge.

- New perception devices such as event-based cameras.

- Other topics related to image matching, structure from motion,
mapping, and re-localization, such as privacy-preserving


We invite paper submissions up to 8 pages, excluding references and
acknowledgements. They should use the CVPR template and be submitted
to the CMT site. Submissions must contain novel work and will be
indexed in IEEE Xplore/CVF. They will receive at least two
double-blind reviews.


- Paper submission deadline: March 19, 2023.
- Notification to authors: April 4, 2023.
- Camera-ready deadline: April 6, 2023 (hard deadline on April 8!).
- Workshop date: June 19, 2023, afternoon (exact schedule TBA).

(All dates are at 11:59PM, Pacific Time, unless stated otherwise.)


- Vassileios Balntas, Scape Technologies
- Fabio Bellavia, University of Palermo
- Vincent Lepetit, École des Ponts ParisTech
- Jiri Matas, Czech Technical University in Prague
- Dmytro Mishkin, Czech Technical University in Prague/HOVER Inc.
- Luca Morelli, University of Trento/Bruno Kessler Foundation
- Fabio Remondino, Bruno Kessler Foundation
- Weiwei Sun, University of British Columbia
- Eduard Trulls, Google
- Kwang Moo Yi, University of British Columbia