Robotic Vision Scene Understanding Challenge Call for Papers

 Call for Participants - Robotic Vision Scene Understanding Challenge - CVPR 2023
We are happy to announce the latest iteration of the Robotic Vision
Scene Understanding (RVSU) challenge is running this year as part of
the 4th Embodied AI Workshop (EAI4) at the 2023 Conference on Computer
Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2023).

Top performing teams to receive GPU prizes and have their work
highlighted during the workshop.

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Details of the challenge including important links, prize information
and current known dates are outlined below.


The CVPR2023 Embodied AI Workshop of our Robotic Vision Scene
Understanding Challenge evaluates how well a robotic vision system can
understand the semantic and geometric aspects of environments. The
challenge is performed in simulation and consists of two distinct
tasks: Object-based Semantic SLAM, and Scene Change Detection.

    Semantic SLAM: Participants use a robot to traverse around
    environments, building up an object-based semantic map from the
    robotís RGBD sensor observations and odomtry measurements.
    Scene change detection (SCD): Participants use a robot to traverse
    through an environment scene, building up a semantic understanding
    of the scene. Then the robot is moved to a new start position in
    the same environment, but with different conditions. Along with a
    possible change from day to night, the new scene has a number
    objects added and / or removed. Participants must produce an
    object-based semantic map describing the changes between the two

Each task has two difficulty levels where the agent is supplied with
either ground-truth or noisy pose data.  The challenge is run using
the BenchBot framework on top of NVIDIA's Isaac Simulator to render
BenchBot Environments for Active Robotics (BEAR). Participants need to
program robotic agents with an OpenAI Gym-style API to actively
explore these environments and solve the given tasks.

1 RTX A6000 and up to 5 Jetson Nanos (1 for each member) for each of
the top 2 winning teams.

Important Dates

    February - Challenge launch
    May - Submissions due
    June 19th - CVPR 2023 Embodied AI workshop

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