MVA2023 Challenge on Small Object Detection for Birds Call for Papers

MVA2023 Challenge on Small Object Detection for Birds

We cordially invite you to participate in our MVA2023 Challenge on
Small Object Detection for Birds.

Challenge description: The task of this challenge is to detect tiny
birds on images, which is categorized to the Small Object Detection
(SOD) problem. Distant-bird detection is an important function for
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as drones to avoid bird attacks,
or drive away harmful birds that destroy fields and rice
paddies. Thus, this challenge not only raises academic issues in
Computer Vision but also promotes practical technology developments
that are expected to be employed in real-world applications. The
images in our dataset are captured from drones. In addition to the
general difficulties of SOD (e.g., lack of geometrical information for
small objects), the annotated birds are of different types (e.g.,
hawk, crow, and wild bird), and have different parallax, postures, and
different degrees of motion blur.

The Challenge consists of two categories "Research Category" and
"Development Category" to encourage a wide range of participants from
academia and industry. Participants must select one of the categories
at the time of participation.

- Research Category: Participants are expected to not only exhibit the
top performance but also propose novel technical
contribution(s). Accordingly, each participant of this category is
required to submit a technical paper.

- Development Category: Participants can focus solely on achieving the
top performance. No novel technical contribution is required.

Challenge webpage:

Top-ranking participants in the research category are invited to
present their paper at MVA2023 and co-author a summary paper for the

Prize Money & Awards
- Research Category
Rank    Prize Money     Award
1st     300 K.JPY       Best Solution Award     
2nd     200 K.JPY       -
3rd     100 K.JPY       -
4th?6th  50 K.JPY       -
All the rankers in the research category can present thier results in the oral presentation session in the main MVA conference.

Technical Category
Rank    Prize Money     Award
1st     100 K.JPY       Winner Award
2nd?5th  50 K.JPY       -

Tentative Schedule:
- Start of the Challenge (development phase)            2023.1.9
- Fact sheets, code/executable submission deadline      2023.4.14
- Paper submission deadline (only Research Category)    2023.5.7
- Test results release to the participants              2023.6.15

Norimichi Ukita, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
Yuki Kondo, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
Kaikai Zhao, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
Kazutoshi Akita, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
Takayuki Yamaguchi, Iwate Agricultural Research Center, Japan
Masatsugu Kidode, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

-- Norimichi Ukita, Toyota Technological Institute