Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge Call for Papers

 We are organising a Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge for an
 upcoming workshop at WACV2023.
This challenge focuses on
 self-supervised monocular depth estimation on the challenging
 SYNS-Patches dataset. This dataset contains dense ground-truth LiDAR
 depth maps in complex natural, urban and indoor scenes.

All participants outperforming the provided baseline will be offered
the opportunity to be authors in a meta-paper describing the
challenge, the submissions received and the results. Top-3 performers
will be additionally have the chance to present their work (in-person
or virtually) at the workshop (January 7th, Waikoloa).

Important dates: 

    05 Oct 2022 (00:00 UTC) - Challenge Development Phase Opens (Val)
    26 Oct 2022 (00:00 UTC) - Challenge Final Phase Opens (Test)
    08 Nov 2022 (23:59 UTC) - Challenge Submission Closes
    11 Nov 2022 - Method Description Submission
    15 Nov 2022 - Invited Talk Notification
    07 Jan 2023 (Half-day AM) - MDEC Workshop @ WACV 2023

Please note that, since there is no call for papers, you can submit
methods that are being published elsewhere. If you're planning on
submitting to CVPR23, you can get an additional benchmark evaluation
done for free!

Thank you for your interest,