Explainability in Multimedia Analysis Call for Papers

The 21st International Conference on Content-based Multimedia Indexing
(CBMI 2024) will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland next September 18-20:

The conference will bring together leading experts from academia and
industry interested in the broad field of content-based multimedia
indexing and applications.

The Special Session on "Explainability in Multimedia Analysis" (ExMA),
addresses the analysis of multimedia applications, such as person
detection/tracking, face recognition or lifelog analysis, which may
affect sensitive personal information. This raises both legal issues,
e.g. concerning data protection and regulations in the ongoing
European AI regulation, as well as ethical issues, related to
potential bias in the system or misuse of these technologies. This
special session focuses on AI-based explainability technologies in
multimedia analysis.

The conference CBMI'2024 is supported by ACM SIGMM and the
proceedings will be available at ACM Digital Library.

We would like to invite you to consider contributing a paper to this
special session.

CBMI's important dates: https://cbmi2024.org/?page_id=211

Looking forward to see you at CBMI 2024.
With best regards,
Chiara Galdi

Special session organisers: 
Chiara Galdi, Martin Winter, Romain Giot, Romain Bourqui