5th Embodied AI Workshop Call for Papers

Call for submissions - 5th Embodied AI Workshop

The Embodied AI Workshop is proud to announce its fifth year at CVPR!
With six speakers, six embodied AI challenges, and over twenty
participating organizations, we will be exploring the theme of
open-world embodied AI, with subthemes including embodied mobile
manipulation, generative AI for embodied AI, language model planning
and more. Come join us at CVPR 2024 in Seattle!

Workshop Website: https://embodied-ai.org/

The goal of the Embodied AI workshop is to bring together researchers
from computer vision, language, graphics, and robotics to share and
discuss the latest advances in embodied intelligent agents. The
overarching theme of this year's workshop is Open World Embodied AI:
Being an embodied agent in a world that contains objects and concepts
unseen during training. This umbrella theme is divided into three

    Embodied Mobile Manipulation We go places to do things, and to do
    things we have to go places. Many interesting embodied tasks
    combine manipulation and navigation to solve problems that cannot
    be done with either manipulation or navigation alone.

    Generative AI for Embodied AI Generative AI isn't just a hot
    topic, it's an important tool researchers are using to support
    embodied artificial intelligence research. Topics such as
    generative AI for simulation, generative AI for data generation,
    and generative AI for policies (e.g., diffusion policies and world
    models) are of great interest.

    Language Model Planning When we go somewhere to do something we do
    it for a purpose. Language model planning uses large language
    models (LLMs), vision-language models (VLMs), and multimodal
    foundation models to turn arbitrary language commands into plans
    and sequences for action - a key feature needed to make embodied
    artificial intelligence systems useful for performing the tasks in
    open worlds.

The Embodied AI 2024 workshop will be held in conjunction with CVPR
2024 in Seattle, Washington. It will feature a host of invited talks
covering a variety of topics in Embodied AI, many exciting Embodied AI
challenges, a poster session, and panel discussions. For more
information on the Embodied AI Workshop series, see our Retrospectives
paper on the first three years of the workshop.

Important Dates

    March 29th - Workshop Announced
    May 4th - Paper Submission Deadline
    May 13th - Paper Notification Deadline
    May - Challenge Submission Deadlines (check indivudal challenges for details)
    June 18th 8:50 AM - 6:00 PM PT - Fifth Annual Embodied AI Workshop at CVPR

Call for papers
We invite high-quality 2-page extended abstracts on embodied AI,
especially in areas relevant to the themes of this year's workshop:

    Open-World AI for Embodied AI
    Generative AI for Embodied AI
    Embodied Mobile Manipulation
    Language Model Planning

as well as themes related to embodied AI in general:

    Simulation Environments
    Visual Navigation
    Embodied Question Answering
    Embodied Vision & Language

Accepted papers will be presented as posters or spotlight talks at the
workshop. These papers will be made publicly available in a
non-archival format, allowing future submission to archival journals
or conferences. Paper submissions do not have to be anononymized. Per
CVPR rules regarding workshop papers, at least one author must
register for CVPR using an in-person registration.

Participating Challenges

    ARNOLD: Language grounded task learning (robotic manipulation) - 
    HAZARD: Multi-object rescue in hazardous environments -
    HomeRobot OVMM: Open vocabulary mobile manipulation - 
    ManiSkill-ViTac: Generalized manipulation/Vision-based tactile manipulation - 
    MultiON: Multi-object navigation - 
    PRS: Human society integration (Human-robot interaction) -

Important Links

Workshop website: https://embodied-ai.org/
CVPR 2024 website:https://cvpr.thecvf.com/Conferences/2024
Paper Submission Link: TBA
EAI Workshop Retrospectives Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2210.06849.pdf

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