The 11th Workshop on Fine-Grained Visual Categorization Call for Papers

FGVC11 2024: Call for Papers

The 11th Workshop on Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
June 17, 2024 @ CVPR 2024 in Seattle WA, USA

Twitter: @fgvcworkshop

The FGVC11 workshop brings together researchers to explore visual
recognition across the continuum between basic level categorization
(object recognition) and identification of individuals (face
recognition, biometrics). Participants are encouraged to submit
relevant papers (4 or 8 pages) and to take part in competitions
organized in conjunction with the workshop - details below. We will
have an exciting lineup of invited speakers from computer vision
through to domain experts.

FGVC11 will have two paper tracks including an 8-page CVPR proceedings
and a 4-page non-archival track. Papers in both tracks will be
reviewed. They will showcase new work, along with applications of
fine-grained learning. Submission will be via CMT linked on the
website. Note the different deadlines below.

1) CVPR proceedings track: Submitted papers will consist of 8-page
full papers following the CVPR24 paper guidelines. These papers will
be published with the CVPR proceedings.

* Deadline for Submission: March 08, 2024

2) Non-archival track: Submitted papers will consist of 4-page
extended abstracts, not full papers. These will not be published with
the main conference and the timeline is closer to the conference in

* Deadline for Submission: March 20, 2024

COMPETITIONS. FGVC11 will also be hosting several fine-grained
computer vision challenges covering a range of tasks. Most of the
competitions will be hosted on Kaggle or Hugging Face and will be
announced on our website soon.