Integrating Image Processing with Large-Scale Language/Vision Models for Advanced Visual Understanding Call for Papers

l  Call for Papers:

1st Workshop on Integrating Image Processing with Large-Scale Language/Vision Models for Advanced Visual Understanding
ICIP 2024 

*  The 31st International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2024)

*  27-30 October 2024, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


l  Abstract:

This workshop aims to bridge the gap between conventional image
processing techniques and the latest advancements in large-scale
models (LLM and LVLM). In recent years, the integration of large-scale
models into image processing tasks has shown significant promise in
improving visual object understanding and image classification. This
workshop will provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to
explore the synergies between conventional image processing methods
and cutting-edge large language model and large vision language
models, fostering innovation and collaboration in the field.

This workshop is designed for researchers, academics, and industry
professionals working in the fields of image processing, computer
vision, multimedia processing and natural language
processing. Participants should have a basic understanding of image
processing concepts and an interest in exploring innovative approaches
for visual understanding.


l  Workshop Topics (include, but not limited to):

*  Cross-Modal Fusion

*  Object Detection and Recognition with Large-scale models

*  Image Classification and Annotation

*  Multimodal Sensor Fusion

*  Semantic Segmentation with Large-scale Models

*  Cross-Domain Visual Understanding

*  Visual Question Answering (VQA) Systems

*  Text-Image Linking and Alignment


l  Important Dates:
*  Paper Submission Deadline:         May 9, 2024
*  Paper Acceptance Notification:      June 6, 2024
*  Final Submission Deadline:           June 19, 2024
*  Author Registration Deadline:       July 11, 2024


l  Paper Submission:

Submission instructions, templates and the "no show" policy are
detailed in

All accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore.

Conference papers can be submitted electronically through the workshop
submission website:

For further information on our workshop and the paper submission
process, please visit the workshop website:


l  Workshop Organizers:

* Yong Man Ro, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

* Hak Gu Kim, Chung-Ang University (

* Nikolaos (Nikos) Boulgouris, Brunel University London