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Welcome to the Computer Vision Conferences and Special Issues deadlines summary page. Events are listed in order of submission deadline, starting a few days before the last update going to about 3 months into the future. You can also sort by the name, or reverse the sorting, but the list is short enough to quickly search. If it is too late or too early, the deadline is not listed. Extensions are reflected in this list only if they are provided by the organizers so you may want to double check those with recent deadlines. See the full Computer Vision Conference Calendar for these conferences and their web sites (which are the best authority for immdiate information on a conference). See also the one year summary of conferences.

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  May 31, 2020     VISMAC 2020    VISione delle MACchine Summer School (Machine Vision)
  March 31, 2020     Special Issue    Vision Research: Calibrating the Visual System
  April 27, 2020     VS3 2020    Vision and Sports Summer School
  May 15, 2020     Special Issue    Sensors: Cooperative Perception for Intelligent Vehicles
  March 31, 2020     Special Issue    RealTime IP: Deep Learning for Real-Time Image and Video Reconstruction and Processing
  May 1, 2020     MTurk 2020    MTurk funds to annotate your egocentric dataset
  March 31, 2020     MIUA 2020    Medical Image Understanding and Analysis
  June 20, 2020     Special Issue    MDPI Mathematics: Computational Algebraic Topology and Neural Networks in Computer Vision
  June 8, 2020     SPR+SSPR 2020    Joint Workshops on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition Workshop
  May 31, 2020     Special Issue    IVC: Advances in Domain Adaptation for Computer Vision
  May 22, 2020     IMVIP 2020    Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference
  June 8, 2020     IJCB 2020    International Joint Conference on Biometrics
  April 15, 2020     ICPR 2020    International Conference on Pattern Recognition
  April 15, 2020     ICPR 2021    International Conference on Pattern Recognition
  May 4, 2020     ICMI 2020    International Conference on Multimodal Interaction
  May 13, 2020     CBMI 2020    International Conference on Content-based Multimedia Indexing
  May 10, 2020     ICVSS 2020    International Computer Vision Summer School Perception, Learning and Action
  April 15, 2020     Special Issue    IJCV: Performance Evaluation in Computer Vision
  May 20, 2020     MMSP 2020    IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing
  April 15, 2020     CVIP 2020    Fifth IAPR International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing
  June 30, 2020     Special Issue    Electronics: Computer Vision and Machine Learning in Human-Computer Interaction
  April 23, 2020     BMVC 2020    British Machine Vision Conference
  April 15, 2020     Special Issue    Applied Sciences: Advances of Computer Vision
  March 28, 2020     ACM MM 2020    ACM Multimedia 2020
  May 1, 2020     ANNPR 2020    9th IAPR TC3 Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition
  June 15, 2020     AIPR 2020    2020 IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop
  May 30, 2020     BIOSIG 2020    19th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group
  April 5, 2020     AVSS 2020    17th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance
  June 29, 2020     ISVC 2020    15th International Symposium on Visual Computing
  April 3, 2020     3DOR 2020    13th Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval