Computer Vision Conferences 1999

1999 Conference Summary: P indicates paper due date, * indicates change. M: Final Manuscript due
SPIE IS&T23-29___________
ICVC 99_23-26___________
VR 99__13-17_________
ICASSP 99__15-19_________
Geospatial Data Production___7-9________
Vision Interface____18-21_______
PRP VI_____2-4______
ISD 99_____14-15______
Sensor Calibration_____16-17______
CISST 99__P:1__28--1_____
Energy Minimization_P:1____26-29_____
ACIVS 99_____P:23_2-7____
Euro Par 99_______31--3___
ISPRS GIS ObjectsP:6___M:31___8-10___
MMSP 99________13-15___
SPIE Photonics East________19-22___
ICIAP 99_P:28______27-29___
Imaging and Modeling__P:5______4-8__
AutoID 99___P:19__M:15__4-5__
Wearable Computers_________18-19__
Augmented Reality____P:15____20-21__
CBMI 99__P:15______25-27__
ICIIS 99____P:15_____1-3_
DCV 99________P:17_ 10


January 1999

HICSS 1999

32nd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences Maui, Hawaii - January 5-8, 1999 Conference Web Site

ICVS 1999

First International Conference on Computer Vision Systems January 13-15, 1999 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Spain.

IS&T 1999

SPIE's Symposium on Electronic Imaging '99: Science and Technology 23-29 January 1999. San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA.

February 1999

IDC 1999

Information, Decision and Control 1999 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. 8 - 10 February 1999 Australia site and soon US Site. Or Text Call for papers

International Symposium on Pattern Recognition 1999

"IN MEMORIAM PIERRE DEVIJVER" February 12, 1999. Brussels, Belgium. Call for papers.

CIMCA 1999

International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and Automation 17-19 February 1999 Vienna, Austria. With a track on image processing and image understanding. Paper Deadline 14 July 1998. Call for papers and Conference home page


International Conference on Visual Computing Interaction, Modeling, Rendering, Animation, and 3D environments February 23 - 26, 1999 Goa, India. Call for papers and Conference home page.

III Workshop on Cybernetic Vision 1999

and International Seminar on Bioelectronic Interfaces February 23-26 1999 Center for Informatic Technology - Campinas - SP - Brazil. Paper deadline (only postscript version via email): January 15th 1999. Call for papers and the Conference web site.

March 1999

I S M R 1999

The First International Symposium on Mixed Reality Sponsored by: Virtual Reality Society of Japan Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory Inc. March 9-11, 1999 Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama. Japan. Conference Web Site.

IEEE Virtual Reality 1999

Houston, Texas, March 13-17, 1999. Conference web page Formerly VRAIS (Virtual Reality International Symposium).


IEEE Signal Processing Society 1999 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing March 15-19, 1999 - Civic Plaza, Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Arizona, Paper deadline September 14, 1998.


March 21 - 23, 1999 Rutgers University, CoRE Building, Piscataway, NJ, Information. And Program.

Audio- and Video-Based Person Authentication 1999

Second International Conference 22-24 March 1999 --- Washington, DC, August 1, 1998 deadline. Call for participation and Call for papers Converence home page.

AAAI Spring Symposium Series 1999

March 22-24, 1999. Stanford University. Stanford, CA. General information

April 1999

SPIE 1999

13th Annual International Symposium on Aerospace/Defense Sensing, Simulation and Controls 5-9 April 1999 Orlando, Florida, USA

3D Geospatial Data Production: Meeting Application Requirements

Integration of Image Understanding into Cartographic Systems April 7-9, 1999 Paris, France. Information and Call for papers Workshop web page.

Applied Statistical Pattern Recognition 1999

IEE Colloquium. Tuesday, 20 April 1999 to be held at The Midlands Engineering Centre, Birmingham, UK, Information.

PCS 1999

Picture Coding Symposium 21-23 April 1999 Portland, OR, Conference web site.

May 1999


The 12th International FLAIRS Conference Orlando, Florida, May 1-5, 1999 Information.

Euromech 406 1999

Image Processing Methods in Applied Mechanics. 6 - 8 May 1999, Warsaw, Poland. Conference home page.

GbR 1999

2nd IAPR-TC-15 Workshop on Graph-based Representations GbR'99 in Austria Castle of Haindorf, Austria. May 10-12, 1999 Call for Participation and Workshop site.


Vision Interface. Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. May 18-21 1999. November 20, 1998 paper deadline (extended as of 26-Oct-98). Postscript or PDF submissions. Call for papers and Student Poster Presentations are requested (March 15 deadline). VI99 home page. Also Quality Control by Artificial Vision (QCAV'99): Conference home page (October 31, 1998 paper deadline)

PRIP 1999

Fifth International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Information Processing May 18-20, 1999 Minsk, Belarus Call for papers. And the conference page.

DIMACS Workshop on Graph Theoretic Methods in Computer Vision 1999

May 20 - 21, 1999 CoRE Building Auditorium, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ Information.

Machine Vision in Photogrammetry 1999

Do Many Cameras Make Light Work? Joint BMVA and Photogrammetric Society Technical Meeting. 26th May 1999. British Institute of Radiology, 36 Portland Place, London, UK, Information.

EvoIASP 1999

First European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing. Goteborg, Sweden. 28 May, 1999. Paper deadline 15 December 1999. Call for papers. And Conference Web site

June 1999


Third International ICSC Symposia on Intelligent Industrial Automation
Genova, Italy at the Palazzo Ducale
June 1-4, 1999 Call for papers.
And the related Soft Computing (SOCO'99) SOCO 99 Home page.


Third International Conference on Visual Information Systems
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
June 2-4, 1999. Paper deadline: December 1, 1998. Final Call for papers

PRP-VI 1999

Pattern Recognition in Practice VI
Vlieland, The Netherlands.
2-4 June 1999

Fusion of Sensor Data, Knowledge Sources and Algorithms for Extraction and Classification of Topographic Objects 1999

Joint ISPRS/EARSeL Workshop Valladolid, Spain. 3 June to 4 June 1999 Call for Participation.


11th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis Kangerlussuaq, Greenland 7-11 June 1999 Accepted papers now available on the Conference home page. Information regarding some Booking problems.


IEEE Multimedia Systems '99, International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems. Centro Affari, , Firenze Italy 7-11 JUNE 1999. Call for papers. (See the conference home page for notice on extended deadlines.) And Conference home page Note: An extension of the advance registration to March 20, 1999 due to a crash of the server.

Texture 1999

Workshop on Texture Analysis in Machine Vision. June 14-15, 1999. Oulu, Finland. Extended Summary March 1, 1999. Conference web site

ISD 1999

Integrated Spatial Databases: Digital Images and GIS. June 14 - 15, 1999 Portland, Maine, USA Call for papers and Workshop Web site.


International Workshop on Integrated Sensor Calibration and Orientation
Portland, Maine, USA
June 16 - 17, 1999 Workshop Web site

Fractals in Engineering 1999

June 14-16 1999, Delft, The Netherlands. Call for papers. And Conference web site.

EOS/SPIE Symposium on Industrial Laser and Inspection 1999

Munich, Germany.

CVPR 1999

June 23-25, 1999. At Colorado State University, Submission deadline December 2, 1998. Ft. Collins, Colorado,

CIMA 1999

International Congress on Computational Intelligence: Methods and Applications. June 22-25, 1999 at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. Paper deadline: October 15, 1998. Announcement and call and Conference home page

CISST 1999

The 1999 International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology June 28 - July 1, 1999 Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

July 1999


Seventh IEE Conference on Image Processing and its Applications
Manchester, UK,
12 - 15 July 1999. Initial Deadline November 2, 1998, with paper in March, 1999. Call for papers


American Association for Aritficial Intelligence, National Conference on AI
Orlando, Florida,
July 18-22, 1999. Paper deadline January 19, 1999.

Intelligent Robotic Systems 1999

International Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems '99.
Coimbra, Portugal.
20-23, July 1999. Call for papers

Energy Minimization Methods 1999

Second International Workshop on Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
York, UK,
July 26-29, 1999 Paper deadline February 1, 1999. Call for papers.

IJCAI 1999

International Joint Conference on Aritficial Intelligence
Stockholm, Sweden.
July 31-August 6, 1999. Paper deadline January 12, 1998. Electronic submission required.

August 1999

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems 1999

Special Session in conjunction with The 11th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics (Germany)
Baden-Baden, Germany.
2 - 7 August 1999 Papers due June 23, 1999. Call for papers.

Stat-IM 1999

Statistical Methods for Image Processing. (SMIP)
Uppsala, Sweden.
August 6-9, 1999 Call for papers.

SIGGraph 1999

Los Angeles, California,
August 8-13, 1999.

Vision in Vehicles 1999

Eighth International Conference Vision in Vehicles
Boston, MA,
22-25 August 1999. Paper deadline: January 22, 1999. Call for papers.

NNSP 1999

1999 IEEE Workshop on Neural Networks for Signal Processing
Madison, Wisconsin.
August 23-25, 1999. Summary due: February 20, 1999. (Updated)

ISSPA 1999

Fifth International Symposium on Signal Processing and its Applications
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
August 23-25, 1999 Deadline: May 17, 1999. Call for papers.

Confluence of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics 1999

NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW).
Ljubljana, Slovenia.
29-31 August 1999. Call for participation.

Euro-Par 1999

Topic 12: Architectures and Algorithms for Vision and other Senses
Toulouse, France.
August 31 - September 3, 1999 Paper deadline January 31st 1999. Call for papers.

September 1999

CAIP 1999

8th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns.
Ljubljana, Slovenia.
1-3 September 1999. Paper deadline January 15, 1999 (electronic paper registration),
January 22, 1999 (for arrival of registered papers).
Call for papers.

ISPRS Workshop 1999

From Data Producer to the User: On-Line. User Requirements of Archiving, Pre-processing and Dissemination of Satellite Image Data for on-line distribution Impact of Spatial Data Handling Technologies in Heterogeneous Environments.
Stockholm, Sweden.
September 1-3, 1999. Abstracts due date: May 17, 1999. Call for papers

Sixth ICECS 1999

The IEEE CAS Society Region-8 Conference The Sixth IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems
Pafos, Cyprus.
September 5 - 8, 1999 paper deadline January 15, 1999. Call for papers.

Multispectral Workshop 1999

Workshop on Hyperspectral/Multispectral Sensors Measurements Modeling and Simulation
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Sparkman Center Auditorium
September 7-9, 1999 Registration Information.

Automatic Extraction of GIS Objects 1999

ISPRS Automatic Extraction of GIS Objects from Digital Imagery of GIS Objects from Digital Imagery
Munich, Germany.
September 8-10, 1999 Deadline for full papers January 16, 1999. Information and Call for papers


Workshop on Fundamental Structural Features in Image and Pattern Analysis.
Budapest, Hungary.
Sept. 6-8, 1999. Submission deadline: 1999, March 15. Call for papers

IMVIP 1999

Irish Machine Vision & Image Processing Conference will be hosted by the Vision Systems Laboratory, School of Electronic Engineering,
Dublin, Ireland. Dublin City University
8-9 September, 1999. Call for papers

Fluorescence Spectroscopy 1999

6th International Conference on Methods and Applications of Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Paris, France.
12-15 September 1999 Call for papers.


IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing
Copenhagen, Denmark.
September 13-15, 1999.
(Note: Date changed on 05-Jan-99).
Call for papers

KI-Tagung 1999

Annual Meeting for Artificial Intelligence of the German Association for Computer Science
Bonn, Germany.
September 13-15, 1999. Information:

21st DAGM Symposium 1999

(German Association for Pattern Recognition Symposium)
Bonn, Germany.
September 15-17, 1999.

BMVC 1999

British Machine Vision Conference BMVC 99
University of Nottingham UK,
September 13-16, 1999. Paper deadline: April 23, 1999. Call for papers
Program Registration

ML and Data Mining in PR 1999

International Workshop Machine Learning and Data Mining in PR
Leipzig, Germany. Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences
September 16-18, 1999 Call for papers.

SPIE Photonics East 1999

Boston, MA, USA
19-22 September 1999.
  • Conference on Sensor Fusion and Decentralized Control in Robotic Systems II Call for papers Abstracts due 8 February 1999.

ICCV 1999

International Conference on Computer Vision
Kerkyra (Corfu), Greece.
Monday September 20 -
Saturday 25, 1999.
Paper deadline: March 5, 1999. Look at the submission page since it requires an on-line and paper submission. Prepare your paper accordingly.


Fifth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition.
Bangalore, India.
September 20-22, 1999.

GREC 1999

Third IAPR International Workshop on Graphics Recognition
Jaipur, India.
September 26-27, 1999 Abstracts Due(2-4 pages): date Extended until March 29, 1999. (as of 3/5/99). Call for papers
Information. Note: attendance is limited to 70 people. Register early.
Note the submission procedure.

ICIAP 1999

International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing
Venice Italy
September 27-29, 1999 Submission date: February 28, 1999 Call for papers
And the Young Scientists Forum.

October 1999

AutoID 1999

Workshop on Automatic Identification Advanced Technologies
Morristown, NJ, USA.
4-5 October, 1999. Paper deadline: April 19, 1999. Call for papers

3DIM 1999

3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
October 4-8, 1999. Paper deadline: March 5 1999. Call for papers.


IEEE/IEEJ/JSAI Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Tokyo, Japan.
October 5-8, 1999 Paper deadline January 15, 1999. Call for papers

Electronic, Photonic, Electro-Optical, and Electro-Magnetic Materials 1999

October 6-7, 1999. Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, Call for papers

Vision: The Approach of Biophysics and Neurosciences 1999

6th Course. 11-16 October 1999, Naples and isle of Ischia, Italy Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici International School of Biophysics Information.

AIPR 1999

28th Applied Imagery and Pattern Recognition: 3D Visualization for Data Exploration and Decision Making
Washington, DC, Cosmos Club
October 13-15, 1999

ETFA 1999

7th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. UPC,
October 18-22, 1999 - Call for papers

ISWC 1999

International Symposium on Wearable Computers
San Francisco, California, Cathedral Hill Hotel,
October 18-19, 1999. Submissions due May 7, 1999. Call for participation

IWAR 1999

Second International Workshop on Augmented Reality '99
San Francisco, California, Cathedral Hill Hotel,
October 20-21, 1999 June 7, 1999. Submission Deadline
(Changed 3-May, 1999)
Call for papers Mirror site (Germany)

Computer Graphics and Imaging 1999

The International Association of Science and Technology for Development - IASTED
Palm Springs, California, USA.
October 25-27, 1999 Paper deadline: April 30, 1999. Call for papers


1999 International Conference on Image Processing
Kobe. Japan.
October 25-28, 1999. Paper proposals due January 15, 1999.


International Workshop on Very Low Bitrate Video
Kyoto. Japan.
October 29, 1999. Information

CBMI 1999

European Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing
Toulouse, France.
October 25-27, 1999 Paper deadline March 31, 1999. Call for papers

RA 1999

Robotics and Applications.
Santa Barbara, California,
October 28-30, 1999 Papers Due: May 15, 1999.

Multimedia 1999

The 7th ACM International Multimedia Conference
Orlando, Florida, USA
October 30 - November 4, 1999 Call for papers German Web site.

ISSSR 1999

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Tropicana Resort and Casino
October 31 - November 4, 1999 Call for papers.

November 1999

ICIIS 1999

IEEE International Conference on Information, Intelligence and Systems (Symposia)
Washington, DC,
November 1-3, 1999 Paper deadline: May 15, 1999. Call for papers
A series of separate symposia on various topics. Some vision related, some not.

AAAI Fall Symposium Series 1999

Cape Cod, North Falmouth, MA. Sea Crest Conference Center.
November 5-7, 1999. General information
Using Layout for the Generation, Understanding or Retrieval of Documents.

Color 7 1999

The 7th Color Imaging Conference:Color Science, Systems and Applications
Scottsdale, Arizona. The SunBurst Resort
November 16-19, 1999 Information.

VMV 1999

Model-Based Analysis and Visualization of Complex Scenes and Sensor Data. "3-D Image Analysis and Synthesis" Erlangen Workshop '99. Vision, Modeling, and Visualization.
Erlangen, Germany. Graduate Research Center
University Erlangen-Nuremberg
November 17 - 19, 1999, Call for papers

Course 1999

Image Processing and Understanding Course
Malvern, Worcestershire, UK, . Defence Evaluation & Research Agency
17th - 19th November 1999 Information.


Assessing the Implications of Very-High Resolution Commercial Satellite Imagery
West Layfayette, Indiana. Purdue University
November 19-20, 1999 Information.

Biomedical 1999

IEEE Workshop on Biomedical Imaging
Perth, Western Australia.
24th November 1999 (Note that the date is different from the first announcement). Information.

ISPRS Workshop 1999

Direct Versus Indirect Methods of Sensor Orientation
Barcelona, Spain. Hotel
November 25-26, 1999 Paper deadline: September 30, 1999 Call for papers.


1999 International Symposium on Signal Processing and Intelligent Systems.
Guangzhou, P.R. China,
November 26-28, 1999 Call for papers

December 1999

Industrial Inspection 1999

One Day BMVA Technical Meeting on Industrial Inspection
London, UK,
December 1 1999 Information.

Multi-media Data Compression 1999

One Day BMVA Technical Meeting at British Institute of Radiology,
London, UK,
2nd Dec 1999 Information.


International Workshop on "Digital and Computational Video"
Tampa, Florida. Embassy Suites Hotel, USF
December 10, 1999 Paper deadline: September 17, 1999 Program and registration.


4th International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition and Digital Techniques
Calcutta, India.
December 28-31, 1999 Paper deadline: July 15, 1999

Other Calls for Papers

Robust Statistical Techniques in Image Understanding 1999

Computer Vision and Image Understanding Special Issue. Submission Deadline: February 15, 1999 Announcement

Video Surveillance and Monitoring 1999

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Special Section. Paper Deadline: March 26, 1999. Updated deadline. Call for papers.

Underwater Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 1999

Special Issue for Computer Vision and Image Understanding. Papers due March 15, 1999. Call for papers

Document Image Analysis and Recognition 1999

Special Issue of Pattern Analysis and Applications May 15, 1999 deadline. (Extended as of 3/29/99) Call for papers.

Medical Imaging 1999

Special Issue of the Journal "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine" May 1, 1999 deadline. Call for papers.

Shape Representation and Similarity for Image Databases

Special Issue of Pattern Recognition. June 30, 1999 deadline. Call for papers.

Video Processing and Communications in Real-Time Video-Based Surveillance Systems

Special Issue of Real-Time Imaging Journal. July 1, 1999 deadline. Call for papers.

Special Issue

Empirical Evaluation of Computer Vision Algorithms
July or August 2000 Paper deadline: September 15, 1999 Call for papers.

Image and Vision Computing

Special Issue on Artificial Neural Networks for Image Analysis and Computer Vision
Paper deadline: October 1, 1999 Call for papers.

Special Issue

on Graph Algorithms in Computer Vision
Paper deadline: Extended to January 15, 2000 (Dec 7 1999) Call for papers.