Computer Vision Conferences 2000

2000 (Partial) Conference Summary: P indicates paper due date, * indicates change. M: Final Manuscript due. Check the full listing for other meeting, workshops assoicated with major conferences, and other meetings of interest.
SPIE Photonics West / IS&T22-28___________
CIR 2000P:21___4-5_______
Bio. Motivated CV____15-17_______
ICASSP 00_____5-9______
And Affiliated Workshops
IEA/AIE 2000P:Nov17____19-22______
VCIP 2000P:Nov19____20-23______
ISPRS CongressP:Sep30_____16-23_____
SSPR'2000 SPR'2000P:10______30--1___
RISA 2000___P:1___31--1___
ICIPP:Dec 10_______10-13___
BMVC 2000___P: 14____11-14___
CGIP 2000P:15________1-4__
SPIE Photonics East__________3-8_
MVA 2000____P:31_____28-30_
Human Motion____P:17______7-8
ICVGIP 2000____P:15______20-22


January 2000

ACCV 2000

4th Asian Conference on Computer Vision
Taipei, Taiwan. Grand Hotel,
January 5-8, 2000 Papers due June 25, 1999. (Changed 03 Jun 1999) Call for papers US mirror site.

Multimedia 2000

International Workshop on Multimedia Data Storage, Retrieval, Integration and Applications
Hong Kong. China. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
13-15 January, 2000 Paper deadline: October 31, 1999 Call for papers.

Colour in Computer Vision 2000

London, UK, British Institute of Radiology
12th January 2000 Paper deadline: Information and Call.

SPIE Photonics West -- IS&T 2000

Electronic Imaging 2000
San Jose, California, USA. San Jose Convention Center
22 to 28 January 2000 Abstracts deadline: June 28, 1999.

February 2000


International Conference on Advances in Intelligent Systems: Theory and Applications
Canberra, Australia. _
2-4 February 2000 Paper deadline: 24 September 1999. Call for papers.


Course on Coded Structured Light
, . Hotel
February 2-4, 2000 Information.

W S C G ' 2000

The 8-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Digital Interactive Media 2000
Prague, Czech Republic. in Plzen
February 7 - 11, 2000 Paper deadline: October 13, 1999 Call for papers.


International Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
Atlantic City, NJ.
February 27-March 3, 2000, Summary deadline: September 1, 1999
Associated with Fifth Joint Conference On Information Sciences (JCIS2000)

March 2000

Workshop 2000

Beamforming Technology and Applications
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, Sparkman Center Auditorium
March 1 & 2, 2000 Paper deadline: Call for papers.

BMVA Colloquium 2000

Intelligent Visual Surveillance
London, UK, British Institute of Radiology,
8th March 2000 Information.

ASAP 2000

The Eighth Annual Workshop on Adaptive Sensor Array Processing
Lexington, MA. Lincoln Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology
14 - 15 March 2000 Paper deadline: 29 October 1999 Call for papers.

SAM 2000

First IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop
Cambridge. MA.
16-17 March 2000 Paper deadline: 1 December 1999 Program and (Room rate discount deadline February 21, 2000) Call for papers.


Virtual Reality 2000
New Brunswick, NJ. Hyatt Regency Hotel
March 18-22 Paper deadline: September 1, 1999

AAAI Spring Symposium Series 2000

Stanford, CA. Stanford University.
March 20-22, 2000.
Smart Graphics Symposium

PICS 2000

Image Pricessing Image Quality Image Capture Systems Conference.
Portland, Oregon. Marriott Downtown Hotel
March 26-29, 2000 Information.

Face and Gesture 2000

Face and Gesture 2000
Grenoble, France.
28 to 30 March 2000. Paper deadline: October 1, 1999. Call for papers


First IEEE International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
Grenoble, France. Hotel
March 31st 2000 Information.


IEEE Data Compression Conference
Snowbird, Utah,
March 28-30, 2000 Paper deadline: November 15, 1999. .

April 2000

Multiscale Methods 2000

British Machine Vision Association and Royal Statistical Society Meeting on Multi-resolution/multiscale Methods
London, UK, Royal Statistical Society
5th April 2000. Announcement.

NSF/DARPA Workshop 2000

Workshop on Development and Learning
East Lansing, Michigan. Michigan State University, Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
Date April 5 - 7, 2000 Paper deadline: Call for papers.

IEE Colloquium 2000

Secure Images and Image Authentication
London, UK, IEE Savoy Place
10 April 2000 Paper deadline: 10 January 2000 Call for papers.

RIAO 2000

6th Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Information Access
Paris, France. College de France
April 12-14, 2000 Paper deadline: November 8, 1999 Call for papers.

ISIVC 2000

International Symposium on Image/Video Communications over Fixed and Mobile Networks
Rabat, Morocco. Hotel
17 -20 April 2000. Paper deadline: December 25, 1999 Call for papers.

SPIE 2000

Enhanced and Synthetic Vision 2000
Orlando, Florida,
24-28 April 2000 Abstract deadline: 15 November 1999 Call for papers.

May 2000

PV 2000

The 10th International Packet Video Workshop
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Forte Village Resort
1-2 May 2000 Paper deadline: December 31, 1999, (Extended Wed Dec 8 1999) Call for papers.

Animation 2000

Computer Animation '2000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania
May 3-5, 2000 Paper deadline: January 31, 2000 Call for papers.


CIR-2000: The Challenge of Image Retrieval Third UK Conference on Image Retrieval
Brighton, UK,
May 4-5 2000, Paper deadline: Friday 21 January 2000 (paper and electronic) Information the original Call for papers.


11th Portuguese Conference on Pattern Recognition
Porto, Portugal.
May 11-12, 2000 Paper deadline: January 7, 2000 (as of Dec 16, 1999). Information. And Call for papers.

ISR 2000

International Symposium on Robotics
Montreal, Quebec. Palais des Congres
May 14-17, 2000. Paper deadline: November 15, 1999.
The 10th Annual Conference of PRECARN and IRIS (Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems) has been planned as part of ISR 2000. Also: Vision Interface (VI) 2000 (see below), Graphics Interface (GI) 2000, Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2000.


Vision Interface 2000
Montreal, Quebec. Palais des Congres
May 14-17, 2000 Paper deadline: November 26, 1999 Call for papers.
The link is from their printed call for papers, but did not work. See the ISR00 meeting above for online registration.


IEEE International Workshop on Biologically Motivated Computer Vision.
Seoul. Korea. Hotel Inter-Continental
May 15-17 2000. Paper deadline: December 15, 1999. (Electronic) Call for papers.


6th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Image Processing
Podlesice near Kroczyce, Poland. Hotel "OSTANIEC"
May 15-19, 2000 Paper deadline: October 30, 1999 Program. And Call for papers.


Third Israeli Symposium on Computer-Aided Surgery, Medical Robotics, and Medical Imaging
Haifa, Israel. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Thursday, May 18, 2000 Paper deadline: January 7th, 2000 Call for papers.


The 13th International FLAIRS Conference
Orlando, Florida, Hotel Royal Plaza, Walt Disney World Village
May 22-25, 2000 Paper deadline: October 21, 1999. Call for papers.


24th Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (AAPR) Applications of 3D-Imaging and Graph-based Modeling
Villach, Carinthia, Austria.
May 25 - 26, 2000 Paper deadline: February 18, 2000 (As of 10-Feb-00). Call for participation. And Call for papers.

VisSym 2000

EUROGRAPHICS - IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
May 29-31, 2000 Paper deadline: December 3, 1999 .

June 2000


IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Silver Anniversary
Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul Hilton Hotel and Convention Center
June 5-9, 2000 Paper deadline: Information. Call for papers.

CVPR 2000

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Hilton Head, South Carolina. The Hyatt Regency Hilton Head Resort
June 13-15. Paper Deadline: November 29, 1999. Call for papers


First Int'l Workshop on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis
Pula, Croatia.
June 13-16, 2000 Paper deadline: March 15, 2000 (As of 10-Feb-00) Call for papers.


Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery Workshop
Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh Hilton & Towers
June 15 - 17, 2000 Paper deadline: Call for papers.


Thirteenth Annual International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Application of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
New Orleans, Lousiana,
June 19-22, 2000 Paper deadline: November 17, 1999 Call for papers


Computer Graphics International 200
Geneva, Switzerland.
June 19-23, 2000 Paper deadline: October 30, 1999. Call for papers.

VCIP 2000

Visual Communications and Image Processing 2000
Perth, Western Australia. Australia. Parmelia Hilton Hotel
20-23 June 2000 Paper deadline: 19 November 1999 (Abstracts) Call for papers.

ECCV 2000

Sixth European Conference on Computer Vision.
Dublin, Ireland. Trinity College
26 June - 1 July 2000 Paper deadline November 22, 1999 Call for Papers
  • Second Workshop on Empirical Evaluation Methods in Computer Vision Call for papers
  • Biometric Autentication July, 1st 2000. Call for papers Manuscript submission : February 28th, 2000.


2000 International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Monte Carlo Resort
June 26 - 29, 2000 Paper deadline: February 28, 2000 Call for papers.

July 2000

SMILE2 ;-) 2000

Second Workshop on 3D Structure from Multiple Images of Large-scale Environments
Dublin, Ireland.
1 July 2000 Paper deadline: 15 February 2000 Call for papers.

Surveillance 2000

Third International Workshop on Visual Surveillance
Dublin, Ireland.
1 July 2000 (In conjunction with ECCV) Paper deadline: 21 February 2000 (Changed 8-Feb-00) Information and Call for papers.

ISPRS Pre-Congress Workshop 6 2000

Models and Strategies for Object Reconstruction
Bonn, Germany. Hotel
July 14-15, 2000 Cancelled (4-Apr-00) Paper deadline: 21 March 2000 Call for papers.

ISPRS Congress 2000

19th ISPRS Congress.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
July 16-23, 2000.Abstracts due: September 30, 1999. Online form only


8th International Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems 2000
Reading, UK, Hotel
18-20 July 2000 Information.

SIGGraph 2000

SIGGraph 2000
New Orleans, Lousiana,
July 23-28, 2000.


The 4th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics
Orlando, Florida,
July 23 - 26 2000 Paper deadline: December 16, 1999 Call for papers.
  • Special Session on Geographical Information Processing and Remote Sensing Call for papers. Deadline: February 15, 2000.

IAS 6 2000

The 6Th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems
Venice, Italy.
25-27 July 2000 Paper deadline: Dec 31, 1999 Call for papers.

AAAI 2000

American Association for Aritficial Intelligence, National Conference on AI
Austin, Texas, Austin Convention Center
July 30-August 3, 2000. Paper deadline: January 18, 2000 Call for papers.

ICME 2000

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
New York, NY, USA. Hilton New York & Towers
July 30 - August 2, 2000 Paper deadline: December 15, 1999 (Modified Tue Nov 30 1999) Call for papers.

VGIX 2000

SPIE's Vision Geometry XI
San Diego, California
July 30-31, 2000 Paper deadline: February 10, 2000 Call for papers.

ACIVS 2000

2nd International Symposium on Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision SYSTEMS, Theory and Applications
Baden-Baden, Germany.
July 31 - August 4, 2000 Expression of Interest deadline: January 15, 2000, Papers February 7, 2000. Call for papers.

August 2000

SSAP 2000

10th IEEE Signal Processing Workshop on Statistical Signal and Array Processing
Pocono Manor, PA. Pocono Manor Inn
August 14-16, 2000 Summary deadline: February 11, 2000 Call for papers.


First International Conference on Image and Graphics -- Image and Graphic Technology toward 21 Century and Beyond
Tianjin, China.
August 16-18, 2000 Paper deadline: December 31, 1999 Call for papers.

SSPR'2000 & SPR'2000

Joint international workshops on Syntactical and Structural Pattern Recognition & Statistical Pattern Recognition
Alacant, Spain.
August 30 - September 1, 2000 Paper deadline: January 10, 2000 (New as of Thu Dec 2 1999) Program and Call for papers.

KES 2000

Special Session on Application of Intelligent Techniques in Image Processing, Pattern Recogniton, Computer Vision.
Brighton, UK, University of Brighton
30, 31 August, 1 September 2000 Paper deadline: February 20, 2000. Call for papers.


Infotech Oulu Workshop on Real-Time Image Sequence Analysis
Oulu, Finland.
August 31 - September 1, 2000 Paper deadline: April 1, 2000 Call for papers.

IMVIP 2000

Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference 2000
Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Queen's University of Belfast
31 August - 2 September 2000 Paper deadline: 1 May 2000 Call for papers.

September 2000

PRRS 2000

1st International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing
Andorra la Vella, Andorra.
September 1, 2000 Paper deadline: March 31, 2000 Call for papers.

Diagrams 2000

An International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. University of Edinburgh
September 1-3, 2000 Information.


15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. 2000.
Barcelona, Spain. Hotel Barcelo Sants.
September 3-8, 2000. Paper deadline: December 20, 1999 (Updated November 29, 1999) Call for papers.


First International Conference on Advances in Medical Signal and Information Processing
Bristol, UK, University of Bristol
4th - 6th September 2000 Paper deadline: January 25th 2000. Call for papers.


European Signal Processing Conference
Tampere, Finland.
September 5-8, 2000 Paper deadline: October 29, 1999

ICIP 2000

7th IEEE Intn'l Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2000)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Vancouver Trade and Convention Center.
10-13 September 2000 Paper Deadline: December 10, 1999 Call for papers.

PAC Workshop 2000

Second International Workshop Algebraic Frames for the Perception-Action Cycle
Kiel, Germany. Hotel
September 10-11, 2000 Paper deadline: March 31, 2000 Call for papers.

BMVC 2000

The Eleventh British Machine Vision Conference
Bristol, UK, University of Bristol
11-14 September 2000 Paper deadline: April 14th 2000 Call for papers.

CAMP 2000

Computer Architectures for Machine Perception
Padova, Italy.
September 11-13, 2000 Paper deadline: February 28, 2000. Call for papers.


The Fourth European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries
Lisbon , Portugal.
18-20 September 2000 Paper deadline: 1 MAY 2000 Call for papers.


Mathematics and Image Analysis 2000
Paris, France. Carre des Sciences
25-27 September 2000 Information.

October 2000

ITSC 2000

The 3rd Annual IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
Dearborn, Michigan, USA Ritz-Carlton Hotel
October 1-3, 2000 Paper deadline: March 1, 2000 Call for papers.

IV 2000

IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2000
Dearborn, Michigan, USA Ritz-Carlton Hotel
October 4-5, 2000 Paper deadline: March 31, 2000 (As of 7-Mar-00.) Call for papers.
Associated Symposia (At this time, none are strictly computer vision topics.)


First International Conference on Color in Graphics and Image Processing
Saint-Etienne, France.
October 1-4, 2000 Paper deadline: 15 January 2000 Call for papers.

ISAR 2000

IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Augmented Reality
Munich, Germany. Technical University of Munich
October 5-6, 2000 Paper deadline: May 19, 2000 Alternate Web Site.


Medical Robotics, Medical Imaging Analysis and Computer Assisted Surgery Tools and Technologies for Clinical Practice in the New Millennium
Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh Hilton & Towers
October 11 - 14, 2000 Paper deadline: Call for papers.

DSP Workshop 2000

9th IEEE DSP Workshop 1st IEEE Signal Processing Education Workshop
Hunt, Texas, Waldemar Resort Ranch
October 15-18, 2000 Paper deadline: May 31, 2000 (As of 18-May-00) Call for papers.

AIPR 2000

AIPR 2000: Imagery in the New Millennium
Washington, DC, Cosmos Club
October 16-18, 2000 Paper deadline: May 19, 2000 Information. and Call for papers.


International Symposium on Wearable Computers 2000
Atlanta, GA, USA. Sheraton Colony Square
October 16-18, 2000 Paper deadline: May 16, 2000 Call for papers.


The 11th International Conference on Signal Processing Applications & Technology Dallas, Texas, Hotel:
October 16-19, 2000 Paper deadline: March 1st, 2000 Call for papers.


Sixth International Workshop on Multimedia Information Systems
Chicago, IL. Marriott Chicago O'Hare
October 26-28, 2000 Paper deadline: Call for papers.


The 8th ACM International Multimedia Conference
Los Angeles, CA.
October 30 - November 3, 2000 Paper deadline: March 27, 2000 and Short Papers/Posters, Technical Demos: June 19, 2000 Information. And Call for papers.
Associated Workshops:

November 2000


3D Surface & Volume Texture
London, UK, British Institute of Radiology
1st November 2000 Paper Deadline: July 15, 2000 Call for papers.


4th International Conference on Visual Information System
Lyon, France. Hotel
November 2-4, 2000 Paper deadline: April 13, 2000 (As of 6-Apr-00) Call for papers.

AAAI Fall Symposium Series 2000

Cape Cod, North Falmouth, MA. Sea Crest Conference Center.
November 3-8, 2000 General information

SPIE Photonics East 2000

Boston, MA, USA
3-8 November 2000.

BIBE 2000

IEEE International Symposium on Bio-Informatics and Biomedical Engineering
Washington, DC, Hotel TBD
November 5-8, 2000 Paper deadline: May 15, 2000 Call for papers.

Color 8 2000

The 8th Color Imaging Conference:Color Science, Systems and Applications
Scottsdale, Arizona.
November 6-10, 2000 Information.

Multi/Hyperspectral Workshop 2000

Workshop on Multi/Hyperspectral Sensors, Measurements, Modeling and Simulation
, . > Redstone Arsenal, AL Rocket Auditorium
November 7-9, 2000 Paper deadline: July 17, 2000 Call for papers.


5th Fall Workshop Vision, Modeling and Visualization 2000
, . Saarbruecken, Germany MPI fuer Informatik
November 22-24, 2000 Paper deadline: April 30, 2000 Program. Call for papers.


IAPR Workshop on Machine Vision Applications
Tokyo, Japan. University of Tokyo
November 28-30, 2000 Paper deadline: May 31, 2000 Call for papers.


The Fifth All-Ukrainian International Conference on Signal/Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Kyjiv, Ukraine. NAS Cybernetics Centre
27th of November to the 1st of December 2000 Paper deadline: 1st September 2000 Call for papers.

PRASA 2000

11th Annual Symposium of the South African Pattern Recognition Association
Johannesburg, South Africa.
30 Nov - 1 Dec, 2000 Paper deadline: Call for papers.

December 2000

WACV 2000

Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision.
Palm Springs, CA.
Date: December 4-6, 2000. Paper deadline: June 7, 2000 (Electronic, required first), June 14, 2000 (physical paper). (*** Updated May 24, 2000 ***) Call for papers.


Sixth International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Computer Vision
5-8 December 2000 Paper deadline: 31 May 2000 Call for papers.

Human Motion 2000

IEEE Computer Society Workshop on Human Motion
Austin, Texas, Marriott-at-the-Capital Hotel
December 7- 8, 2000 Paper deadline: July 17, 2000 (As of June 30) Call for papers. Call for papers.


Fourth International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems and The Second International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio Othon Palace Hotel
10 -13 December, 2000 Paper deadline: May 15, 2000. Call for papers.


IEEE workshop on Neural Networks for Signal Processing
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Hotel
December 11-13, 2000 Paper deadline: 15 April, 2000 (Extended as of 23 March 00). Information. Call for papers.


International Congress on Intelligent Systems and Applications
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Hotel
December 12-15, 2000 Paper deadline: Call for papers. For the different associated meetings.

DGCI 2000

9th Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery.
Uppsala, Sweden.
13-15 December 2000. Paper deadline 28 April 2000. Call for papers

ISMIP 2000

2000 International Symposium on Multimedia Information Processing
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Hotel
December 13-15, 2000 Paper deadline: Information.

IDEAL 2000

Second International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning
Hong Kong. China. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
December 13 - 15, 2000 Paper deadline: August 1, 2000 Call for papers.

WoSPA 2000

Third Australasian Workshop on Signal Processing Applications
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Heritage Hotel
December 14 - 15, 2000 Paper deadline: Information.Call for papers.


2nd Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing
Bangalore, India.
December 20-22, 2000 Paper deadline: June 15, 2000 (New as of: Thu May 4 2000) Call for papers.

Other Calls for Papers

Special Issue

International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition Graphics Recognition: Enabling Machines to Understand Line Drawings and Symbols
Paper deadline: March 31, 2000 Call for papers.

Special Issue

International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition Performance Evaluation: Theory, Practice, and Impact
Paper deadline: April 1, 2000 Call for papers.

Special Issue

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Special Issue on: Multimedia over IP
Paper deadline: May 31, 2000 Call for papers.

Special Issue

Pattern Recognition on Color Machine Vision
Paper deadline: December 15, 2000 Call for papers.

Book Chapters

Multimedia Internet Broadcasting
To be Published December 2000. Paper deadline: Call for papers.