Computer Vision Conferences 1998

1998 Conference Summary: P indicates paper due date, * indicates change. M: Final Manuscript due
AAAI Symposiums__23-25_________
DCC__ 29--1________
Applied Machine Vision____19-21_______
ISMM 98_____3-5______
Vision Interface_____18-20______
SPIE AeroSense______19-24_____
ISPRS III SymposiumP:Nov 30_____6-10_____
ISPRS IV________7-10___
BMVC 98____P:1_M:10_14-17___
MICCAI 98__P:3___M:21__10-13__
AAAI Symposiums_________23-25__
Intelligent Vehicles__P:15______28-30__

January 1998

Workshop on Recent Advances in Computer Vision

Karachi, Pakistan. January 1-2, 1998 (Before ICCV-98) October 1, 1997 deadline. Call for papers.

ICCV 1998

January 4-7, 1998 Bombay India.

HICSS - 31

Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences. Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, January 6-9, 1998

ACCV 1998

January 8-11, 1998 Hong Kong.

Photonics West

24-30 January 1998. San Jose, California,

February 1998

23rd Annual Interdiciplinary Conference

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, February 1-6, 1998. Information.


International Workshop on Independence & Artificial Neural Networks at the University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain. February 9-10, 1998 prior to EIS'98. Call for papers. Or: Conference Information


International ICSC Symposium on Engineering of Intelligent Systems. at the University of La Laguna Tenerife, Spain. February 11 - 13, 1998 Call for papers (text) or Direct Information.

March 1998

Recent Advances in Image Processing and Analysis

Third European Course. March 2-6, 1998 University of Trieste, Italy Organiser: ESPRIT LTR 20229 - NOBLESSE Call and Information

AAAI Spring Symposium Series

March 23-25, 1998 Stanford, California, Information


Image Processing in Medicine 1998, (Bildverarbeitung fuer die Medizin) March 26-27, 1998 Aachen, Germany. Conference home page.

DCC 98

Data Compression Conference Snowbird Utah. March 29 - April 1, 1998 Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society TCCC Paper deadline November 14, 1997. Program and Information Call for papers and the Conference page

April 1998


IEEE Southwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation. April 6-7, 1998. Tucson, Arizona. October 1 deadline for abstracts. Registration or the Call for papers or the complete: Call and Information.

SPIE AeroSense

April 13-17, 1998. Orlando, Florida.


IEEE Third International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition. April 14-16, 1998. Nara, Japan. Paper Deadline October 8, 1997. Conference Information.

May 1998


Seattle, Washington, USA, May 12-15, 1998. Paper deadline November 3, 1997. Early registration deadline: April 10, 1998. Call for papers. Or: Conference page


May 17-20, 1998. Sanibel Island, Florida. Conference Information

Applied Machine Vision '98

May 19-21, 1998 in Nashville, Tennessee, 14th year sponsored by the Machine Vision Association of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Brief Information and Conference home page.

SIS '98

Third IEEE International Joint Symposia on Intelligence and Systems including Intelligence in Neural & Biological Systems (INBS), Intelligence in Automation & Robotics (IAR), Image, Speech & Natural Language Systems (ISNL); Washington, DC, USA, May 21-23, 1998. Paper deadline Dec. 15, 1997. Call for Papers and Symposium web page.

June 1998


11th International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems. New Methodologies, Knowledge Modeling and Hybrid Techniques Hotel Intur Orange, Benicassim, Castellon, Spain. June 1-4, 1998 Call for papers.

ISPRS Commission V - International Symposium on Real-Time Imaging and Dynamic Analysis

Hakodate, Japan. June 2-5, 1998 Conference home page.


Fifth European Conference on Computer Vision 2-6 June 1998 University of Freiburg, Germany.

ISMM '98

International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology and its Applications to Image and Signal Processing IV June 3-5, 1998, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. September 30, 1997 deadline. Program . And the original Call for papers.

Computer Animation '98

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tentative dates: JUNE 8-10, 1998 Call for papers


Girona, Spain. June 10-12, 1998. Announcement


Vision Interface. June 18-20, 1998. vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Paper deadline: October 31, 1997. Call and Information.


June 23-25, 1998. University of California, Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, California,

Computational Neuroscience: Vision

Short course. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Summer Course June 18 - July 1, 1998 Call for participation.

July 1998


Workshop on Non-Linear Model Based Image Analysis July 1-3 1998 Thistle Hotel, , Glasgow, UK, Conference site. or Program and original Text Call for papers

ISPRS Commission III Symposium

Columbus, Ohio, USA, July 6-10, 1998. Abstract Deadline November 30, 1997. Call for Abstracts And the Conference WWW page.


The 1998 International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology July 6-9, 1998, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Conference Information.


The 1998 International Conference on Multisource-Multisensor Data Fusion. July 6-9, 1998, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Computer Vision for Virtual Human Modelling

One-day technical meeting to be held on 9 July 1998 at the Institution of Electrical Engineers, IEE, Savoy Place, London, England Announcement.

Tenth IMDSP Workshop

July 12-16, 1998. Alpbach, Austria. Submission Deadline: January 30, 1998. Call for papers.


Conference, which will be held in Orlando, Florida. from July 12, 1998 With other associated meetings.


July 19-24, 1998 Orlando, Florida. Information.

Image and Video Compression: Fundamentals, Standards and Applications

July 13 - 17, 1998. A 4 and 1/2 Day Intensive Course. Portland, Oregon, Summary due February 27, 1998. Course Information


British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition The Visual Guidance of Robots One Day BMVA/BRA Technical Meeting to be held on 15 July 1998 at British Institute of Radiology, 36 Portland Place, London, England Program Information.

SPIE Annual Meeting 19-24 July 1998. San Diego Convention Center and Mariott Hotel & Marina. San Diego, California,


The 1998 National Conference on Artificial Intelligence July 26-30, 1998. Also IAAI -- Innovative Applications of AI and several other conferences will be held that week. Madison, Wisconsin.

August 1998


4th International Workshop on Multi-Media Database Management Systems August 5-7, 1998 Holiday Inn, , Dayton/Fairborn, Ohio, USA. Conference home page.


2nd International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems. August 6-7, 1998 Sakarya, Turkey. Call for papers

DSP Workshop '98

The Eighth Digital Signal Processing Workshop, sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society, will be held August 9-12, 1998 in Ruby's Inn near the entrance to the , Bryce Canyon National Park Utah. The Paper summary due: January 1, 1998. Call for papers.

SSPR98 and SPR'98

2nd International Workshop on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition August 11-13, 1998. (Earlier name used Structural and Syntactic). Swiss Grand Hotel, Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Paper Deadline 15 January 1998. Workshop web site and text Information and Final Call for papers and Preliminary Call for papers.


IAPR International Workshop on Multimedia Information Analysis & Retrieval Organised by IAPR TC12 - Multimedia Systems 13-14 August 1998 (Thursday-Friday) City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Call for Participation


14th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. August 17-20, 1998. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval

ACM SIGIR'98 Post-Conference Workshop Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. August 28, 1998. Call for papers

Ph.D.-School/Workshop on Shape Variation

Hosted by Image Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. Copenhagen, Denmark. August 24-28 1998. Information.

September 1998

Workshop on Computer Vision

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong, September 3-4, 1998. Call for papers

ISPRS Commission IV Symposium

Stuttgart, Germany. September 7-10, 1998.


European conference in the area of soft computing (Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation). Aachen, Germany. September 7-10, 1998 Conference web site


The 1998 European Signal Processing Conference Island of Rhodes, Greece. September 8 - 11, 1998 Conference Home page.

Data Analysis Symposium

Second International Data Analysis Symposium September 10, 1998. Aachen, Germany. Conference Web Site.


British Machine Vision Conference BMVC 98 September 14-17, 1998. University of Southampton UK, Papers due May 1, 1998. Call for papers and Conference home page.


9th IEEE Signal Processing Workshop on Statistical Signal and Array Processing September 14-16, 1998. Portland, Oregon, Summary due February 27, 1998. Call for papers


International ICSC/IFAC Symposium on Neural Computation. Technical University of Vienna Vienna, Austria. September 23 - 25, 1998 Call for papers or Conference page.

October 1998


1998 International Conference on Image Processing. October 4-7, 1998. Chicago, IL. Paper proposals due: 16 January 1998. 50th Anniversary Panel(of Signal Processing Society) and Call for Papers or Conference page.


6th-7th October 1998 in the Elgar Suite at the Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern, UK, Call for papers


IEEE-SP International Symposium on Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis October 7-9, 1998 Marriott City Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Call for papers or Conference home page.


International Workshop on Very Low Bitrate Video Coding Theme: Visual Content Analysis and Coding October 8-9, 1998. Urbana, IL. USA. Paper deadline extended to May 22, 1998. (As of May 12). Program and Information. Or the conference page and the original Call for papers.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA, Tutorials, Saturday, October 10, 1998 Conference, Sunday, October 11 to Tuesday, October 13, 1998. March 3, 1998 paper deadline. A unified conference formed by the merger of CVRMed, MRCAS, and VBC Computer Vision, Virtual Reality and Robotics in Medicine Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Visualization in Biomedical Computing. Call for papers And Conference web page.


IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision. Princeton, NJ. October 19-21, 1998. Paper deadline April 7, 1998. ** Changed **


4th Russian Federation with International Participation Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis: New Information Technologies. Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. 12 - 17 October 1998. Call for papersand Conference Web Site

Second International Symposium on Wearable Computers

October 19-20, 1998 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Initial Submissions Due by April 13, 1998. Program and Information. And the original Call for papers.


19th to the 23rd of October 1998 in NAS Cybernetics Centre, 40 Academician Hlushkov Ave, Kyjiv 252022, Ukraine Call for papers


1998 International Symposium on Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Vision. Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 20-23rd Oct. 1998. Video deadline extended to August 17, 1998. Call for papers. and Conference home page and Call for videos


International Symposium on Multispectral Image Processing 21-23 October 1998 Wuhan, Hubei, China. Abstracts due 31 January 1998. Call for papers or Conference home page.


First International Workshop on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition & Image Processing Oct. 23-28, 1998. Associated with the 1998 Joint Conference On Information Sciences Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. June 1, 1998 deadline.

AAAI Fall Symposium Series

October 23-25, 1998. Orlando, Florida,

Intelligent Vehicles '98

October 28-30, 1998 Stuttgart, Germany. March 15, 1998 deadline. Call for papers. And Conference web site. Papers will be considered for a special issue of IVC.

November 1998

SPIE Voice, Video and Data Communications

1-5 November 1998 Boston, MA, Conference web site.


Workshop on Perceptual User Interfaces November 5-6, 1998 San Francisco, California, Final announcement and Call for papers and Conference home page

Image Processing and Understanding

Course. Malvern, Worcestershire, UK, Announcement.


Makuhari, Chiba, Japan. November 17-19, 1998. Submittion Deadline: May 15, 1998. Conference Home Page or Text Call for papers

IUW 98

November 20-23, 1998. Hyatt Regency, Monterey, California. Information. Location Map of previous IUW locations.


IFIP Workshop on Modelling and Motion Capture Techniques for Virtual Environments November (26-27) in , Geneva, Switzerland. Program and Information. And Call for papers and Conference home page.

RoboCup Pacific Rim Series

Singapore. Announcement


International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition Plymouth, UK, November 23-25, 1998. conference web site.

Video and Wireless Communications

Nov 30 - Dec 11, 1998. Phuket Island, Thailand. Information.

December 1998


IEEE 1998 Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing 7-9 December 1998 Redondo Beach, CA. Conference Web site.


Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing December 21-23, 1998 New Delhi, India. Paper Deadline: June 30, 1998. (As of June 16, 1998.) Program. And Conference Information. And Call for papers


International Conference on Information Technology'98 December 21-23, 1998 Bhubaneswar, India. Paper Deadline: June 20, 1998. Call for papers

Other Calls for Papers

Perception-Based Intelligent Robots

Autonomous Robots. Special issue. February 1, 1998 deadline. Call and Information.

Document Image Analysis

CJECE Special Issue. Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Call for Papers

Has the Hough Transform Come of Age?

Journal of Real-Time Imaging, Academic Press Special Issue. Papers due: 15th July 1998. Call for papers.

Computational Vision

Special issue: Control & Automation - Journal of the Brazilian Automation Society Call for papers or Special issue home page

Perceptual Organizanization in Computer Vision

Special Issue of Computer Vision and Image Understanding. In conjunction with the first IEEE Computer Society Workshop on Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision, which was held June 26, 1998 in Santa Barbara (USA). Papers due October 30, 1998. Announcement. And Direct information.

Image and Video Processing for Digital Libraries

Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. Paper Submission: December 1, 1998. Call for papers.

Analysis of Volumetric Images

Special Issue of Computer Vision and Image Understandin Paper Submission: December 1, 1998 Call for papers

Mathematical Morphology and its Applications

Special Issue of Pattern Recognition Papers due: December 4, 1998 Call for papers.

Invariants for Pattern Recognition and Classification

Special Issue for International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IJPRAI). Papers due 18 December 1998. Call for papers.